Friday, May 11

Lost Rocks!

What an awesome episode of Lost on Wednesday night! I am still reeling from all of the events of the episode. Some fans have been worried that John Locke won't survive his wound.'s a spoiler that will make Locke fans feel better:

There is so much I want to say about the episode and the series but it always seems like other people say it better. For instance, this by a poster named Caffreys:

Locke is the prophesized Messiah


Many people have asked why Ben is the leader of the Others when we now know that Richard was there before Ben. Here's what I theorize about that:

Someone/thing at some time prophesized to the "Hostiles" that a man will come to the island. He will be an outsider. His mother will be named Emily. He will be abused by and rejected by his father. He will kill his father (or lead to his death). Jacob will speak to him. The island will heal him. He will be special. And this "Messiah" will become the leader who leads them all to (whatever).

So Richard sees young Ben in the jungle. Ben tells him that his mother is dead but that he communicated with her. Richard believes he may be the prophesized one, the "chosen" leader of the Hostiles. Richard tells him he needs to be patient (I'm assuming b/c the prophesized one must be an adult to be leader). Eventually, almost all the "criteria" for the chosen one come true in Ben. Ben is told about the prophesy and the Hostiles take him to Jacob. I think Ben is special enough to sense Jacob. He knows there's some spirit or entity there but Jacob never speaks to him. Dharma is dead, Ben has no one else to go to, so he tells the Hostiles that Jacob has spoken to him. The Hostiles accept him as the Messiah and he leads them.

Then Locke shows up. His is an outsider. They find out that his mother's name is Emily, that he was healed by the island and that he was abused and rejected by his father. But his father is still alive. Ben fears his role as leader is threatened by this new development and b/c the island hasn't done wonderful things for him (he got the tumor), so he searches for Locke for help. The Others are beginning to think that maybe Ben isn't the real Messiah and that Locke is. This explains why the Others were looking so carefully at Locke at their camp and Cindy made the comment that they've been "waiting" for him. They've been waiting for the real Messiah.

Ben doesn't want to lose his role as their leader so he tries to prove that Locke isn't the chosen one. He brings Cooper to the island and tells Locke to kill him knowing full-well that he won't/can't, thus proving to the Others that he isn't the Messiah b/c he hasn't fulfilled the prophesy. When Locke doesn't kill his father, Ben looks at the crowd and says, "He isn't who we thought he was." Meaning: he isn't the Messiah.

But Richard still believes that Locke is the true chosen one and they made a mistake when they accepted Ben as the Messiah. Richard tells Locke about Sawyer and even admits that Ben knew he wasn't going to kill his father and was just trying to embarass him. So Locke has his father killed and brings him back to Ben. Ben is particularly shocked when he sees a dead Cooper b/c another part of the prophesy has been fulfilled. The Others are even more convinced that Locke is the prophesized one and their rightful leader which is why Tom and Richard completely ignore Ben when he calls for them when Locke is beating up Mikhail. It's also why they looked so shocked when Locke says he's going to see Jacob. I also think it explains why Alex gave Locke the gun. She knew the prophesy and she knew that if Jacob talked to Locke that Ben would try to kill him b/c he doesn't want to lose his place as leader. The gun was for his protection from Ben.

So Ben takes Locke to "see" Jacob. When Locke doesn't hear or see Jacob, Ben is relieved. But then Locke does hear Jacob and the final part of the proshesy has come true. Ben now knows that he isn't the Messiah. He can't handle that, he wants to keep his position, so he shoots Locke.

So there you have it. I think it fits pretty well with what we know. The big questions are, does Locke survive? If he does, will the Others tell him about the prophesy? Will Locke take his place as leader of the Others or will he reject it?

This just so totally makes sense! And now that I'm sure that Locke will survive, I fully expect to see him take over as the leader of the Others!

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Hi there.. nice blog you have here. I am also a fan of LOST. :D

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