Saturday, June 23

T's going to drive his car!

Linda was telling me about a song Tomas loved in preschool circle time. It's called "Drive My Car" by Laurie Berkner, a performer I've seen on Noggin. I like her music. Anyway, the teacher taught the kids a series of motions to go with the song. We got the CD and Tomas, even though he'd had a very long day, had enough energizer bunny left in him to do a laid back performance for us.

I’m going to drive my car!

It was a busy day because yesterday was the first day of summer vacation and a gorgeous day to boot! In the morning, I took him to a playground near our lake and he enjoyed running figure-8s around the play equipment. I tried to get him to be a train (by chugging and going choo-choo) or a plane (using my arms as the wings) but he shook his head no. He just wanted to run.

After lunch, Kristin, Tomas and I went to check out the pool club we joined for this summer. We had a great time although I was worried we might not be able to coax T into the water. He loved watching the kids going off the diving board but hesitated to go into the shallow end of the pool. There was also a really neat toddler pool. I lured him in by sitting in the water and saying it was like a big bath tub. Once he was in, that was it. He loved it!

Today my legs have muscle spasms but I think that's because of the loaner car I've been driving while my van is fixed. It's too low to the ground or my legs are otherwise cramped in it. I'm taking a muscle relaxant which is making me feel goofy. And just a week until our vacation!!!!!!

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