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Carnival of the Cats #175

Hello, welcome to the 175th edition of the Carnival of the Cats. I am Indigo and I've come out of hiding long enough to introduce this week's round-up.

Purrs and Prayers

Rafe of No Deep Thoughts is worse and is being treated with antibiotics and fluids. We're sorry to hear it and hope he's feeling better really soon!

Zed Monster and Braum of Bad Kitty Cats are in need of some purrs too. Zed is missing more of his tail and Braum isn't feeling well. We hope they are both much better very soon and that Zed stops dropping off parts of his tail!

Rahel of Elms in the Yard is having a furry fundraiser to help defer the cost of treating the Lady in Red's health issues. Please help if you can!

In the News

Candidate Cato of Creatures of the Earth continues on the campaign trail, advocating support for the country of origin labeling food act

Zed Monster of Bad Kitty Cats Journal announces a line of greeting card Shoebox (a division of Hallmark) would like to introduce. Check out the first of the cards!

Check out the cat rodeo at Magick Cat Cauldron!

A baby skunk wanted to see what Pat's Cats were up to and became stuck outside the window!

KT of The Scratching Post bravely defended home and hearth against invading raccoons!


Jack, Sawyer and Charlie (can we say Lost names) are up for adoption to a good home at No Deep Thoughts.


How To Hold A Cat Without Losing An Eye reminds us that kitten claws + inflatable chair = funny story

Cade of Write to Right Your Business Opportunity shares how pets--and specifically his kitty Easy--can help with a home business.

Audace of Momma Grace & Company offers a different method of dining: drop and nibble.

Psst! Did you hear...?

Gaston of Catnabbit has an exclusive on what "brand" of kitty litterBrittany Spears' cat uses!

Where did all that hair come from on Blog d'Elisson?

And speaking of pillows, did you hear about the 16 pound pillow over at The Poor Mouth?

And speaking of pillows and litter, check out Henry's choice of either or both at Texas Oasis

The piano--not Huckleberry--had too much to drink at Stereophilia. Not only that, but Bagheera Sings Mehitabel!

What good stuff has Mr. Grrr of Composite Drawlings got in his tummy? He's not telling!

Special Talents

Ferdinand T. Cat of The Conservative Cat explains to us wondering humans that cats have the ability to see, hear and smell things we can't.

Both Ferdy and Blog d'Elisson write about Oscar, a handsome kitty with a "grim" and unusual talent for sniffing out ... soon-to-be dead people.

Feline Foto Ops

From the Mind of Mog:

Ritzi Tongue Licky
Tummy Tuesday #53
Bad Kitty Cats

When not avoiding the camera, cats can take on the most interesting expressions. Check out Hobbes at Dolphin's Dock.

Groomed or not, kittens are always so photogenic !

Kittens are photogenic and cute even when they've been rescued from a barn! These pictures come from Watermark's Cousin Sue!

The Oubliette announces that the micro-fuzzy kitten has a name now: Freya. You are so adorable, Freya!

Don't try to take a picture of Thalia when she's sound asleep on her favorite sheepskin--you'll never see her face!

Here is serious Nick of It's all Good with a backstory to explain his intent expression!

John of StrangeRanger shares pictures of Maddie and Granny-cat.

Kitty communication

Just look at this face? Doesn't Baby clearly communicate time-to-get-my-dinner? What a lovely face!

Rocket of KeeWee's corner says what's yours is mine and what's mine is mine and you can't leave home without me!

Gree of House of (Mostly) Black Cats swears "I did not make this mess!"

There is no mistaking this message from Life From A Cat's Perspective: Don't mess with me!

Babeth of House of Chaos shares the Lord of the Toys' laptop to write about the hilarious habits of cats.

CatSynth's Luna has a good bit of advice about unemployment

What are Tigger and Eli of Val's Bien saying to us? They seem to have something tasty in mind!

Don't forget about how we communicate when we want undivided attention!


Aloysius of Catymology was looking forward to spam on the Letterman show but couldn't find it. Where did the spam go?

We are mystified about why Blogger would think we are a spam blog. Mouse says, could it be this mess I didn't make?

Hoo boy! We think our kitty cats are lovely, handsome, regal etc and photogenic as they are. The kitties at Hello Kitty Hell look really pissed and who can blame them? Submitter says, "More people than you imagine are willing to humiliate their cats..." Not us! Our guys would never put up with that crap!

Reasonable Facsimilies Etc.

Who doesn't love LOLcats? At Welcome to the Future Jeremy's comic kitty stands up for his rights

Last, but not least, here is something new to try: a kitty cat podcast by Cal Curtis.

See, Indigo? Told you it wouldn't be hard!

Hyup hyup, when will it be my turn? When will it be my turn?

Wrong carnival, dipsy-doodle! Try again next week!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Hot(M)BC said...

Grate Carnival! In spite of blogger being poopy! We'll go poop on its pillow for yoo. hehehe
Sanjee, Boni Maroni, Mini, Gree and Pepi

Hot(M)BC said...

Did they get it fixed yet??? We's furry glad to see the Carnival. Yay!!!

K T Cat said...

Thanks for hosting a great carnival! We linked right back.

PJ said...

Awesome carvival, thanks!

Samantha & Mom said...

Loved the carnival in spite of blogger! We just can't figure them out. You did a wonderful job, we are on tap for next week and it will be our first time. Wish us luck!!
Your FL furiends,

Babeth said...

Great Carnival !! Though we feel compelled to respectfully point out that the laptop is Lord Of The Toy's and that Babeth is a "she".

Purrs from the feline denizens of the House of Chaos
(and headbutts to the woofie !! Zorro and Loup-Garou still adore woofies...)

Anonymous said...

My pitiful kittens got lost, somehow -- through a BlogCarnival submission, I fear.

At Watermark: Friday Kitten Blogging.

Sissy Willis said...

Nice job, Indigo. You are a trouper. :-)

Grace In Small Things

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