Friday, September 7

Feline Friday: Amber

The boys are usually the stars of this show because they're the ones who most often visit me and provide me with lots of photo ops. Every once in a while, though, Amber will show up and I just found these two pictures taken in July. I love my camera because it lets me zoom in really close without bothering her eyes too much.

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I found the best links to kitty sites right here at Bad Kitty Cats' Journal. I found some places I didn't know about, and the girls are absolutely delighted to see a website for "the pinks". This post lists the websites for the weekend carnivals, too, including
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Have a great weekend!


Paula said...

What a sweet kitty face Amber has!
I love all this pictures of your cats.

Victor Tabbycat said...

Hi, Amber! What a lovely Tortie you are! You should pose fur the clicky box more often. Purrs!

Babeth said...

Oh that eye !! Just the kind of baleful glare a proud feline should throw at any intruder to her precious moment of rest and serene contemplation...

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