Thursday, October 18

Little T Thursday: A day in school

The other day, T's teacher sent home some pictures taken during his school day. These particular ones were taken while he was with the occupational therapist. OT is very important for kids with PDD-NOS because they are often tactile defensive. For instance, T doesn't like to have stuff on his hands--sand, dirt, fried chicken grease, french fry salt, and powdered cheddar cheese (from rice cakes)--, usually won't go around barefoot and so on. One thing the therapist does is de-sensitize the kids by giving them experiences with different types of textures.

Click on the pictures for a fuller size.

How does it feel?

I think T is working with play doh here but I'm not sure. A year ago, he wouldn't touch the stuff at all. His daddy Kennan bought him a play doh set that had lots of different tools and molds and that really helped. T was willing to use a rolling pin and cookie dough cut out to play with the stuff. Now he'll roll it between his hands. Big change!

Another OT experience

I think the purpose of this is to expose T to more enclosed places. Somehow I have a feeling he enjoyed going through this tunnel. He's always enjoyed playing in boxes and trying to close himself in so I don't think that's much of an issue for him.

An OT session

Now, this would be a big challenge for him. For the longest time, T did not walk around barefoot. He always had to have shoes and socks on. He would get really upset when it was time to take them off. Now he easily tolerates going around in his socks, sometimes will go around the house barefoot and once we even got him to walk through the sand outside barefoot!

What's that under my feet?

Although he didn't enjoy this activity much, he was still willing to do it. What a trooper! Our little guy is truly a special little soul!

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Bad Kitty Cats & Megan said...

It's great to see T has such good caring people working with him! He is so beautiful. the first picture, his face is of an angel! Too cute you just want to squish and hug him!

Sending love...

Grace In Small Things

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