Tuesday, October 16

Ten Things That Worry Me

Ten on Tuesday

10 Things that Worry You

What, just ten?

1. My health: sugar's still too high and so is my weight and stress levels
2. TB's health: he has spinal stenosis. Will the epidural help? Or will he need surgery?
3. Our finances: TB is out of work and I only get disability. There's no other extra money coming to us at the moment...yeah, I know...three working adults in the house...don't ask
4. Little T's welfare: What's up with leaving in the morning without waking anyone and the little guy running around alone, cold and wet? What's up with waiting until the last minute to get him his meal? What's up with lying on the couch instead of taking him out to play? No, I'm not talking about failure on the part of the grandparents here...
5. The welfare of the other grandchildren far away and with troubles going on in that household too
6. My mother and old deaf parental "crazies": can't add much more to that
7. Failure-to-launch syndrome..read that as: adultolescents who can't or won't live independently
8. How are we going to afford all our bills? Ooops...see #3.
9. How are we going to feed all these people? Ooops...see #3. Hmmm...let's make it, how are we going to feed ourselves and the two minors in the house?
10. The IRS and Social Security are after us, what are we going to do? Well...this happened because there was a year in which TB and I had to withdraw our annuities because he was out of work and I wasn't getting disability yet. And we didn't withhold any taxes because we needed the cash. And Social Security? They made a mistake and we have to pay for it.


Black Cat said...

Oh boy, I do sympathise with you. I'm on incapacity benefit (as it's called here in the UK) too and it's way too low to cover all the bills, food etc. Luckily I have savings from which I have to subsidise my income, otherwise I would probably starve or freeze. I do hope things work out for you soon.

Anonymous said...

I will start purring so that you don't have to worry so much. Thank you for your good thoughts and purrayers for Taz.

Lux said...

Those are worrisome things. MomBean says sometimes it's good to just write everything down like this; she does that sometimes. We will be sending you very good thoughts.

Jake and Bathsheba said...

Listen to your cats and don't worry! We know the secret to a carefree life.

Thanks for visiting. I do look a bit like Kosmo, but I'm not a Bengal. I'm 100% American shorthair tabby and Mom always tells me how handsome I am.


Mickey's Musings said...

Those are big worries and not good for your health.I'll send lots of purrs and hope they help a bit. :(

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