Sunday, November 25

Carnival of the Cats #192

Mouse sez, hi, hope you all had a very Happy Fanksgiving with lots of turrrrrkey! Me, I don't like turkey much but my beans gave me some nice fish! Yum! We invited the carnival to come here even though ours house is a big mess on account of the folks at Wonkitties having terminal trouble with deyre computater!

Is Finn trying to be a stowaway? No, him just likes bags, like us!

If you ask me, beans can't interpertate for us felines because we speak a very unique language, untranslatable. What think you?

And just 'cause Kizzy does some amazing pet tricks duzn't mean alla us will!

And if ennybody gifs us any truble about dat, we will bring on our big bruddah!

Catch up on the latest on the Denali vs. Isis series!

Those are som verry handsome guests at The Poor Mouth's.

Getcher motor runnin'? Not while there's some snoozin goin on!

Henry's got the right idea, snugglin, but Jax wants to go shopping on Black Friday over at Texas Oasis.

Parker hadda check out the accommodations at his house, make sure it be all comfy fur his guests!

Look like Ping got tripped up by tryptophan!

Indigo sez: Oh, look! LOL cats has translated parts of the Bible for us to read!

Also, sez she, I agree with KT about sleeping on the bed and telecommuting to save on that gaaaaaas.

Uh oh, looks like there was some kind of conspiracy to overdose Cheysuli on tryptophan.

A fun raiser for feral kitties: Christmas Cat glitter!

Justice in our world: mine because I'm bigger!

Here is a lovely tribute to Pepper.

Hey, sez Indy, Frosty looks a widdle wike me!

Hmf, look at that neighbor cat checking out the litter box at the Mind of Mog. How you, Kosmo!

Kosmo: Whatcha talkin' bout?
Indy: You is always upstairs trying to sneak into my litter box and eat my food!
Kosmo: Hey, at least I'm not peeing in your bed!

Speaking of that stinky yellow liquidsomeone left an unpleasant surprise for Mog.

Here is an in-motion tummy shot.

Hey, Nico and Bukowski, wanna share that tail? I'd like to play with it too...oh, if you can find it, that is!

Ohhhh Ellie sighs Kosmo, you are a boo-tee-ful feline, I am in luff!

Indigo sez: Run, Ellie, run!

Maddie and Ivy said Happy Fanksgiving and be sure to look at their boo-tee-ful leaf pitchers!

Hakuna and Matata has the sunniest sleepin spots!

Kosmo sez I dunt no why I cannot see what is safe and vigilant. I pee on my stoopid computator!

Mouse sez: dat's why you can't see anything!

Indigo: Amber, wake up! Halp!

I am drugged on tryptophan. Don't expect much, sez Amber.

Here are nice pictures of Luna, taken by her bean sitter.

Oh, Amber is in luff now! This kitty asks for his wants and needs same way as she, and has nice tufty fur like her too!

Amber sez I yam back from my swoon and oh boy I do know about grooming! I am too busy grooming myself to teach a bean how to do it!

Mouse & Kosmo: Oooh oooh look at da purtys on Samantha and Tigger! We wants them, precious!

Amber: Hush! Samantha was given a impawtant meme to do, about her box of life and what is precious to her!

Want a home made recipe for flea powder? I t'ink dis is an ad but dere is a pitcher of a cat.

I fink Nikita's daddy tryed to take him Black Friday shopping at Petsmart and Petco. My beans slept through all that.

Here is a PG rated man cat.

Fanksgiving countdown at Sisu's! Hey, no fair! Dey gets to sit on the table and sniff the turkey! Ohhhh Baby dat is a booo-tee-ful moon!

Cutie-pie alert! Cats At Play Daily Ruse! Is dat Sanny Claws up da chimbley?

Hmf dis happens at our house all da time! Did you hear me?

Captioned pitchers! With LOL language we are still tryin to learn!

These boys has got the right idea about Sundays!

Aloysius gots the same trubble as me finding a good perch!

Bibs, aka Peewee has gots a distinguished mustache!

Weekend Cat Blogging #129 Fanksgiving Edition is up!

And as the saying goes..."Dat's all folks!"

We did this in a big hurry so please let us know if there are whoopsies or omissions or other boo-boos!


P.S. Uh ohs! One fing we notice is dat da links don't shows up so well with our new layout! Maybe we should underline them?


Hot(M)BC said...

Woo hoo! Yoo guys did GRATE to get the carnival up at so short notice! It looks good too. Fantastic!!! Fanks yall :) We'll put a notiss on the Monday Noos at the Cat Blogosphere so's cats who couldn't find the carnival can find yas then!

Samantha & Mom said...

Good job guys!! Especially for short notice!! We like your new look! If you make your link color different from the other color, it should show up! It showed up when you scrolled over it!!
Your FL furiends,

Bad Kitty Cats & Megan said...

Oops we beated Sanjee to the notice! Sorry Sanjee!

Glad you all were able to continue with CotC! Excellent roundup on your short notice we will repeat and say here here.

We maybe think it would be good to underline but we will find them. Our trusty mouse knows the way!

You kitties and Mama did a great job! Purrs and Purrs and Loves

Anonymous said...


Great job!

I think I've finally stumbled upon the right way to explain myself when submiting so as not to confuse the host about my URL!

Thanks for accepting my offering this week!

Dragonheart, Merlin, Devi, and Chloe said...

Great job with the carnival! :) Thank you for hosting at the last minute. :)

Parker said...

Great job! Thanks for doing this!

KC and the Giggleman Kitties said...

Wow, great Carnival, hard to believe it was done on such short notice.
I didn't have a problem with the links, just moved the cursor around and they showed up.
Good job,

sammawow said...

Wow, you did a great job for this week's Carnival -- and quickly too!

K T Cat said...

Thanks for hosting it this week! I dropped you a link as well.

Aloysius said...

Thanks for stepping in and keeping the carnival going. Great job!

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