Friday, December 7

15 reasons I haven't been around to visit blogs much...

...and may not be able to until the new year!

I haven't seen the Friday Fifteen updated in a month but here's mine anyway.

1. Trying to learn how to use the new camcorder
2. Still trying to figure out various picture programs like movie maker, picasa and so on
3. Making "home made" gifts this year
4. Reading more about PDD-NOS
5. Playing with T
6. Working on a novel
7. Talking/emailing/chatting with friends and family
8. Have to address and send out Christmas cards
9. Wanted to write one of those dreaded Christmas letters but haven't started yet
10. Wrap presents
11. Watch Christmas movies
12. Researching retirement communities for my parents, brother, TB & me to visit
13. Backing up my hard drive so TB can reformat it...the virus really did a number on it :(
14. Scanning pictures from the dinosaur age (my childhood, teen and younger adult years)
15. Maybe taking tax prep training?

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Betty said...

My, you really are busy, aren't you? I don't see how you have time to post let alone visit other people's blogs, but I'll look forward to the day when you'll be able to visit mine again and maybe leave a word or two.

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