Friday, January 25

Feline Friday: Cuddle Buddies

Will wonders never cease! I happened to turn around at my desk to see Mouse and Kosmo not only cuddling together, but Kosmo's washing Mouse's ears!

Luckily, I have my camera and manage to zoom in. This is a first amongst our gang who usually just manage to tolerate each other--if that.

Ah, what bliss!

Suddenly, though, the boys realize they're being photographed.

Kosmo: Uh, what? No, I wasn't cleaning his ears! See? I'm bathing me
Mouse: Zzz...hey, what happened to my bath and beauty treatment?

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Captain Jack and Sir Dante said...

Wow - we would never bath each other. Mommy keeps wanting us to but just Ick!!!

Tybalt said...

My sisters and I bathe each other lots, especially around the ears. I'll show this to mommy so she will learn not to take that for granted!

MEStaton said...

Cool! I miss cats who bathe eachother. Caesar will sometimes lick Lyra's ears when he's pouncing her, as if to say here's a kiss before the pain.

Daisy said...

The only way my sister Pixie would ever "bathe" me is with her teeth. And it would not feel good.

Gattina said...

Oh they are so sweet together ! My cats never cuddle together like this. Rosie washes Arthur but they don't sleep in each others paws, lol !

Parker said...

We never so that, no matter how much Mommy wishes we would!

Lux said...

How wonderful - and that you got visual proof, also!

ZOOLATRY said...

Nice, sweet, kind, loving. In this household we barely tolerate one anothers presence... 7 days to wedding day.

Kaz's Cats said...

That's so cute - especially the reaction when the camera is spotted!


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