Wednesday, January 23

You Know You're Spending Too Much Time At The Doctors' ....

...when you start bringing a camera and taking pictures!

I can't believe you're doing this!

Yesterday we took Kristin to the sleep specialist for a consult about her persistent and increasing insomnia.

This is what I typically look like waiting first in the waiting room and then in the exam for for which ever doctor we're seeing.

This is what boredom will drive a patient to do when they've been to one doctor or another half their lives in the space of one week. Or maybe it's the pain killers. TB says to me, "You're not smiling!"


Here is a slideshow of what boredom and lack of sleep while waiting for the doctor to appear will do to a teenager. Heh.

The results of all this are that Kristin gets to keep a sleep log for 2 weeks and will be scheduled for a day-and-night sleep study to try and figure out what is going on. We also got lots of information about relaxation techniques and restless leg syndrome.

Last night, I had a bout of insomnia. I didn't want to take my mother's little helper because I knew I would be up in less than 8 hours. TB's spinal epidural was scheduled for 8:15, it's an hour's drive away, and we were supposed to be there by 7:45. So I laid there for an hour, willing myself to feel sleepy (it was almost midnight when I went to bed in the first place) and then I felt my legs start to wiggle and dance. I was getting bored and restless so I sat up and read for another hour.

TB woke up at that point and we prayed together. We've been under so much stress with everything going on. That helped and I finally fell asleep. And before I knew it, we were on our way to yet another doctor, this time at Mercer-Bucks outpatient surgery center.

Here is what it looks like to be really nervous about a procedure but doing your best to overcome that.

I tried to give TB an idea of what to expect. I had a spinal epirdural when my tubes were tied and I imagined that the procedure was different only in that the doctors would be injecting a steroid, not anesthesia. Still, it's hard to be reassured when you've never had one.

Enough already!

The week is half done and we have just our session with Susan in front of us, thank God.

And thank God, the epidural went well. TB should feel some relief within 72 hours. We've got a plan going for Kristin's insomnia. And Little T's surgery went very well, too so we have much to be grateful for. Praise the Lord!

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Unknown said...

This is too funny. My camera is always nearby, but I never thought to catalog my many visits to the doctor!
(You and the hubby look like you could be related to me and my hubby, too!)

Hang in there with that sleep study!

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