Friday, March 7

Finally Feline Friday: Sox AKA "Houdini"

Here's our sweet little man taking a rest from his adventures of the day. Doesn't he have an innocent little face? You wouldn't guess the mischief he's been up to! It's not just your usual walking on shelves and bringing them down. We have a Rambling Man!

Sox likes the outdoors so much he hovers by the front door and darts out. The first few times we saw him and were able to grab him right away. Now, though, he seems to teleport himself through space and time to get outdoors so I've taken to calling him Sox-Houdini.

One of his recent outdoor adventures took him to a wooded lot 3 or 4 houses away. I almost fainted! That's it, I thought, we have to try and outwit Sox-Houdini!

Ah, what a lovely day, says Sox. I'll go hide by the door and wait for someone to come in or outside--like that little bitty bean named Tomas.

The problem is that Mama Bean is getting smart. Now if she thinks the door is going to be opening and closing a lot, she shuts me up in the bedroom so I better move fast!

Mouse: what was that flash? was it a bird? was it a plane?

Cubby: No, it was Super Sox doing his Houdini routine again! Did anyone see where he went? No one went outside or inside yet.

Yeesh! Everyone's always looking for Sox, looking for Sox! Can't a guy get any privacy around here? What's that sound? A birdie!

Must investigate!

Oh boy, what fun! There are plants and birds and rocks and things! Must find a way out!

All the doors are closed tight, bro. There's no way outside!

Heya, hyuk hyuk what was that black and white flashy thing just now?

Kosmo: Hey you guys, come into Daddy Bean's office--quick!

Sox (singing): I'm walkin, yes indeed, I'm walkin on this shelf, I'm walkin hopin to find a way out!

Rats! I know there's a way out of here but this darn file cabinet is blocking the nice big hole in the wall under the staircase.

Okay, I gives up for now! Think I'll take a nap!

Mouse: Whassup with that boy? Everyone knows the bestest place to sleep is on a nice soft bed!

Kosmo: Or a nice soft sofa cushion!

Sox: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Mama Bean says thanks you to Fats Domino and America and their fans will knows why! :D

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Anonymous said...

Wow! You guys really have to work hard to get out! When we lived in Florida we were always trying to sneak out 'cause the traffic was too scairty to Mom.

We moved to a much slower-paced town in Georgia and now we gets to go out. Maybe you need to tell your Mom to move here.

Artsy Catsy said...

Sox, I just wanted to thank you guys for participating in this week's Carnival of the Cats. Great post!


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