Saturday, March 15

Insomnia, Pain, Bariatric Surgery & Sleep Study

As usual, here it is 4 in the morning and I am sitting in front of my old friend the computer. I am unable to sleep because of insomnia caused by stress and pain. It's time to do something about it and the first step is to attend this seminar on weight loss surgery. TB and I know about the risks of gastric bypass and that is what we don't want. Too many people we know died from that surgery.

We are interested in the less invasive lap band procedure. I've got a whole bunch of questions to ask throughout the whole thing. Some questions only I can answer; some only the doctor or facility can.

If I lose weight, it will decrease my pain because there won't be so much stress on my joints. If I lose weight my slee apnea will decrease. I know what to do in terms of the right food to eat--it's just that I'm in too much pain to exercise. If I could get to a point where I could walk, bike or swim without being in pain all the time then I can exercise and lose even more weight. So here goes!

Oh and while I'm talking about health, here are a couple pictures of my daughter wired up for her sleep study.

Here she is, all wired up and ready for the test to begin. The wires all go to machines that monitor her brain activity, pulse, pluse-ox, whether she kicks her legs or grinds her teeth and so on. First there was an overnight study, basically to determine if she had sleep apnea. If she does, it's really mild! The next part of the test was to have her take 5 naps at different times of the day t o see how sleepy she was. Hope we get some results back soon!

And the next picture is a puzzle, just a little different from the first picture! Enjoy!

P.S. Well, rats! I couldn't post the code here for some reason...but here's the URL for it anyway!


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