Friday, March 7

Lost 4.6 "The Other Woman"

There wasn't an overly complicated amount of stuff to digest on Lost last night which may be a good thing since I feel like my brain is about to short circuit sometimes!

This episode was supposed to be about Juliet and it was ...sort of. Juliet is the fertility doctor recruited to the island by Mittelos Bioscience to help the Others deal with the mortality level of pregnant women: 100%. The thing is, Juliet can't seem to help the women either and every time one more dies, she's further distraught. Along comes Goodwin, whose role I haven't figured out yet. A doctor? A mechanic? Anyway, even though he's married to Juliet's cold hearted island shrink, he is very interested in Juliet and it isn't long before they begin an affair.

Well, the problem with that goes beyond Goodwin's spiteful wife. It turns out that Ben has a crush on Juliet and wanted her for himself. He's jealous--and he puts Goodwin in a situation dangerous enough to get him killed...and then he takes Juliet there to see the decomposing body. Nice, Ben. Way to get Juliet to like you!

Meanwhile, Ben is busy manipulating the still pliable and ever so gullible John Locke. I'm disappointed in Locke this season. He flip flops between strength and weakness. Ben reveals that the person funding the freighter people is none other than Charles Widmore, Penny's father (of Desmond & Penny) and world's richest, coldest man. He wants to exploit the island, Ben tells John. And so now John lets Ben go free to cheerily go move into one of the bungalows--much to the astonishment of Jurley and Sawyer.

Also meanwhile, Claire wants to talk to Miles. When we last saw him,he had a grenade in his mouth. Why does she want to talk to him? Does she know he's able to talk to dead people? What if he channels Charlie to her?

On the other side of the island, Jack and Juliet have misplaced freighties Daniel and Charlotte. Jin says he saw them walking into the jungle. Why? Where are they going? Jacket (as people like to call Jack and Juliet) set off to follow the two. For the first time (I think) Juliet hears the jungle whispers and then has what I believe to be her second encounter with Old Smokey who appears in the form of the shrink.

"Why are you here?" Juliet wants to know.

Phantom/Angry Shrink says she has a messae from Ben. Juliet's to find Charlotte and Daniel and prevent them from releasing poisonous gas over the island. Jack arrives in time to see and hear the wird shrink before she acts like the Witch of the West and melts in the rain.

As a matter of fact, Daniel and Charlotte are acting like bad guys: they're sneaking around with a bag of gask masks and hazmat gear, they're lying and they're bonking Kate on the head with the butt of a gun. Kate's injured and when Jacket comes across her, Juliet goes on alone so Jack can tend to Kate.

She finds the missing freighties at "The Tempest" (great title--like Shakespeare?). They in full hazmat mode and Daniel is fiddling with the machines when Juliet arrives. In spite of everything, though, Juliet's not able to shoot--especially when Charlotte yells that they are trying to stabilize the poison so no one can use it against anyone. It turns out Juliet was correct to follow her instinct...the poison is neutralized.

It seems Smokey wants to stop the freighties at all costs, but why? Who or what is Smokey anyway? If Smokey was also Abbadon why was he recruiting anyone to go to the island at all? These and more questions MAY be answered sometime! :D

The other reveal was the mole on the ship. Ben told Locke off camera...I'm pretty sure it's Michael, the Lostaway who betrayed his friends in Season 2.


Abel Keogh said...

I thought Juliet's flashback revealed more about Ben than herself.

And, yes, it is Michael who's Ben's guy on the boat.

Linda said...

I think Michael is too obvious. Ben asked Locke to sit down before he was to tell him who his person is on the freighter. I don't think Locke would need to sit if it was Michael.

What was it about the rabbit? When Locke gave Ben his meal Ben asked if the rabbit had a number on it.

Glad to have found another Lost fan!! I've been with the show since day 1. Have you been on
That is addictive!!!

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