Friday, March 14

A poltergeist in the house?

Well, maybe he or she or it is just in our bedroom lately...

Last night, my computer mouse disappeared. It was on the desk minding its own business when I last saw it. When I came back after watching Lost, it was gone. Did a cat knock it to the floor? TB and I searched the area of the floor, the desk, and just about everything in sight. No mouse.

I got frustrated pretty quickly. It was a long day yesterday and I didn't need more foolishness and certainly not a poltergeist pulling Calvin pranks. If you don't know who Calvin is, check out my husband's blog or read about Calvin here.

Why do I think there's a poltergeist? Well, in just the last 48 or 72 hours the following disappeared:

all the medical paperwork I'd filled out for Kristin's sleep study along with the directions to the place--and I'd left them on top of my purse on the bed with everything that needed to go that night

the book I was reading

the mouse

More recently, my wallet disappeared and reappeared in a green recycling bag in the kitchen. Of course, it disappeared months ago and so I had to replace evertyhing. It just showed up in the bag within the last 72 hours.

I'm having fibromyalgia fog at the moment but there were other little things that disappeared and reappeared elsewhere.

TB says we need a lock for the door. But how do you lock out a ghost?

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