Friday, April 4

Finally Feline Friday: Bookends

So I was checking my email as usual when Mouse jumped up into the coveted spot and I began petting him. Then I felt a tap on my shoulder--Cubby, wondering if he could join us. And so he did.

Cubby sez: That spot over by the monitor looks more comfy than sitting on the edge of the printer, let me see if I can't just hope over Mousie.

Mouse wasn't so sure about that, though, and so the boys ended up like bookends. That seems to happen a lot when there's more than one in front of the monitor!

So wha'ja think, Ma? Ain't we just too cute for words?

I think they are, too!

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KC and the Giggleman Kitties said...

KC said...
Oh, yes, you two look like tha cutest little bookends.
Purrs, KC

Gattina said...

That's the way you blog ??? Hahaha ! that's too cute !

Daisy said...

Those are the cutest and fuzziest bookends I ever saw!

catsynth said...

Yes, they are very cute "bookends." It's great how they like to be near (to each other and to the humans at the computer).

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