Thursday, January 15

Are you kiddin me?

First: we finally did hear from Linda today. TB called and left a message that we had information concerning her (meaning the detective who was looking for her) and what do you know? She called back! First off, TB wanted to know why she didn't call or show up yesterday.

She said her phone had no more minutes on it.

See the title of my post?

How about borrowing the boyfriend's phone? How about going to Wawa and using a pay phone? How about calling collect?

That's all she said. Oh...and that she did talk to the detective. That's all she said.

She is not going to win "Mother of the Year" award, that is for sure!

It snowed today and it was soooooo cold. Bill's car broke down (the battery died) and so we drove out to give him a jump. That battery must have been pretty far gone because it took several attempts to get it going. We hung out until Bill left the parking lot because we wanted to make sure it wouldn't die on him again. TB asked if he had an amp meter in his car and Bill said he wished he did but no.

We saw him pull into a gas station. I said, "Oh-oh, we better go back and wait there with him. He's probably going to turn the car off to get gas."

TB gave me a look and said, "No, he's not that stupid. He's an engineering student. We were just talking about amp meters. He knows better."

I said, "My son is a genius but he has no common sense."

Well, TB didn't go back to the gas station. We went home to have lunch. As we were finishing, TB said, "Well, everything must be all right..."

And the phone rang. Hence the title of my post. Yes. It was Bill. He turned the car off because he was getting gas and couldn't get it restarted. However, he did get another jump and was leaving the parking lot when the car died again. He'd called AAA and they said it sounded like his alternator went bad and was having it towed to our local garage.

TB thinks if the alternator went bad it would be because the guy giving him a jump crossed the wires.

It's always something, isn't it? I wanted to take Amber to the vet because of her alopecia but we may have to use that money to help Bill get his car fixed. I'm praying it's just the battery and that we can get Amber to the doctor.

More and more, I'm leaning toward the DS. I know, I know, this from the one who was so adamant about not screwing with her insides. But the big issues are that if I get the bypass, I wouldn't be able to take NSAIDs, I would dump, and I wouldn't be able to have my stomach and intestines completely scoped for a medical procedure. None of those are issues with the DS. My big issue with the DS is my fear. I still have time to think this all through.

On a brighter note, I saw daughter Kristin on our educational channel. She's on the varsity bowling team and the school sent a video team with a commentator to tape Monday's game. I was there watching it but it was cool to see it again on TV with the commentary!

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Nancy in PA said...

Argh. Wish you guys could catch a break of a little time with n crises! :-( Hang in there... God is with you all... We are praying espcially for wisdom for you about the procedures! How neat that Kristin's team got filmed! Hope she is enjoying the bowling! :-)

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