Sunday, February 15

Little T's Valentine Party

On Friday, TB and I went to Little T's classroom Valentine's Day party. We had so much fun! TB was the photographer so, unfortunately, he's not in any of the pictures.

Our visit started with the students visiting their afternoon "centers". Little T's first stop was to make a Valentine heart on a sheet of wax paper, using glue for the cut-out and to hold down the fill-in pieces. We all decorated that heart together!

The other centers involved counting. It's so cool listening to T count aloud and watch him sort by colors.

Around 2, the party began and all the kids enjoyed refreshments. The teacher and assistants had goodie bags for the kids and the kids made bags for their parents.

There was an absolutely adorable picture of T with his dad in a heart--sort of like the one below.

It's hard to believe how fast time goes--next year, T will be in kindergarten class! It'll still be self-contained, I am sure. Someday he may get to a point where he's included (mainstreamed) in other classes.

Updates: TB is now below 300 and still losing! He's lost 121 lbs now! He is still in a great deal of pain from his back though. Sometimes the pain also comes from his shoulder, hips and tailbone. :( Wish I was able to take that pain away.

I saw the nutritionist last Wednesday and she gave me a packet of information about the duodenal switch she downloaded from the Johns Hopkins Hospital website. It explained the procedure again and emphasized the post surgery diet. I would have to make sure I take in enough fluids first, then push protein, vegetables/fruits, and carbs--in that order. I'd also need to take a boatload of vitamins.

Early Saturday morning I had a gall bladder scan. Now I just need the letter from the therapist and then I'm sure I'll be ready to have a surgery date scheduled.

I'm tempted to wait until after this season of Lost. Heh. Am I fan, or what?

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Whimpurr said...

Looks like Little T enjoyed a wonderful Valentine's Day! Cute pics!

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