Friday, April 3

Some Treats, Please!

Kosmo was put on a special diet...and I know how he feels!

Dr. Hartsock, our vet, weighed Kosmo and was alarmed by his poundage. Kosmo is now on a special diet, has to be segregated from the rest of the gang when he eats, and all the food has to be picked up within a half hour. Needless to say, everyone in the gang is pretty miserable--especially around mealtimes.

TB took these pictures this morning. Cubby found some treats on his desk and did his best to "break in" to no avail!

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As for me, I am still hanging in but have several "sour hour" times where I'm as miserable as the cats: very early morning and then late afternoon/dinner time. There is a chunk of the day when I feel fine: after the breakfast shake until the late afternoon.

During the "sour hour" times I feel weak, dizzy, off balance, very irritable and fuzzy headed. Usually my sugar is okay but I have bottomed out and needed some apple juice.

This is day five. There's nine more days to go.


Barb said...

Once again, I've put myself on a "sensible eating" regimen, mostly watching my fat grams closely. I can't tell you how many "cycles" of losing and gaining I've been through. So I know a little about what you're going through. You can do it, and you'll feel SO much better once you have gotten to the other side of this.

Lucy Belle said...'s not fun to be put on a diet! But it has to be done since being too chubby is really not good for your health. Once you get fitter, you will have lots more of energy and you can jump higher and run faster! Now, wouldn't that be awesome? :)

Pinky Ash and Boo said...

Poor Cubby, we know how you feel. I got put on prescription Diabetes food this weekend, and we're trying to adjust (the V said Ash could eat it too). We feel where you are coming from. You want to be good and healthy though, so you can not have to see that v-e-t so much when you get older.

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