Friday, May 1

Finally Feline Friday: Lover Boys

Please ignore the mess on the bed. The boys love to get their attention anyway they can! If it's Mommy, they know they won't get their pictures taken because she's got her hands full of tails and fur! But if it's Daddy...all's fair!

Later on, Cubby wanted to snuggle with his best bean buddy, TB.

He did a lot of kneading and turning around before he finally got comfy.

"You gots lots less padding there, Daddy Bean!" he says. "What's up with that?"

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Us4 Cats said...

We just love all the cuddln going on and the sweet close moments.

Pinky Ash and Boo said...

Your boys look so very happy.

Ellen Whyte said...

Fur friends are the best when it comes to support. And yours have those magic laser eyes too! Good luck with the weight loss. Feeling so inspired that I'm going for a swim (on a weekday but never mid. The joys of being self employed!)

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