Sunday, February 28

TB's Workshop

We all need something to keep us sane, to help us deal with the stress and pain of life. Mine is blogging and losing myself in online games where I have to think (Lexulous) or can be mindless (Farmtown). TB's is in creating.

These are pictures of TB's projects and he's made everything from scrap wood and materials we had around the house. It's really cool because it hasn't cost money the way some hobbies do. The bulk of the wood came from Freecycle. The tools and things he's making could have been purchased but would have cost us money.

Come on in.

Today's project was making a clamp to hold projects to the table

TB made his work table from scrap wood and pieces from Freecycle

Here's a cart for the shop vac

This is a "light tent" and TB can use it for taking pictures

TB made this bench for us to sit on in the front yard--once the weather gets nicer!

TB's got a couple of assistants too.

The fly catcher

The quality assurance supervisor. Since the projects are so well made, she really doesn't work very hard!

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