Friday, March 5

Feline Friday: All da snow...

is redunkulous, sez Amber.

Lookit dat cold stuff fallin! Too many times in February we haff dat cold white stuff fallin. Enuff already!

Dese pikturs were taken 'bouta week ago sez Kosmo. But now it's March an at leas it seems warmer and da lastest time da sky cried, it was wit da wet tears an not da cold white stuff. Da beans lik dat better and so's do's us!

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SASS....Sammy Andy Shelly Sierra said...

We hope you will soon have much warmer weather and that the snow will all go away for you.

Nessa said...

Not good kitty cat weather. Brrr!

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Ellen Whyte said...

Brr, hope it warms up soon!

Rhoda Galgiani said...

Lots of snow like LI. Happy you visited 'Expressions' again and you enjoyed the photo. No, I didn't take it, I found it on the Internet. I would like to add Music to my website, but can't figure that out yet. Can you help me?

Have a great day...Rhoda

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