Saturday, April 10

Caturday and other Memes

I was borrowing TB's computer and inadvertently discovered Munchkin's other hiding place. Munchkin says, "Ratz, Eyam not able to hide frum Mommy Bean!"

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Saturday Six

This is from last Saturday but since I didn't play, it doesn't matter!

1. When you go to buy clothes, what store do you generally visit for the best deals? Goodwill first, then Walmart.

2. Of the stores near you, which one is likely the last one you’d consider visiting to look for a bargain on clothes? Fashion Bug

3. Which are you more likely to spend more on: a haircut or a bottle of your favorite shampoo? What did you last pay for that? I'd be more likely to get my favorite shampoo and I don't remember what I paid last for it.

4. Which are you likely to spend more money on: a pair of slacks you’d be willing to wear or a pair of shoes you’d be willing to wear? What did you last pay for that item? A pair of shoes and last time, they cost me around $30.

5. Take the quiz: What’s Your Shopping Stereotype?

Your Shopping Stereotype is Economical

Cheap. Thrifty. Frugal. These are all word that you can (and likely do) use to describe your shopping style.

Why pay top dollar when you can get a bargain? You love to save money, and you're really quite good at it too.

You're most likely to be found shopping in discount stores, but you also know how to rock the clearance rack at top end places.

People are always complementing you on your finds, and they can't believe how cheaply you get everything.

6. If you had to cut out three “luxury” or unnecessary things you often buy for three months to save money during an income crisis, which three would you choose? We're in an income crisis so the first "luxury" things I cut were: buying books, buying DVDs, and eating out.

Camera Critters

Here's our Buddy again.


Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Buddy has such a sweet face! Kissable.

Gattina said...

With mom's watchful eyes around it's difficult to find a safe hiding place !
and Buddy, what a cute face !

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