Sunday, June 24

170th Carnival of the Cats

Here we are, the Three Katketeers, proudly hosting the 170th Carnival of the Cats.
Where is our fourth? She declares she is her own little family, living with the older teenage female and will have nothing to do with us!

Indigo sings: "Leave me alone, won't you leave me alone, please leave me alone, oh leave me alone, please leave me...just leave me..."

Feh, we say. Anyway, now on to the round-up!

Now, if small children can have furniture of their own, why not us? Look at the pretty sofa Matata has. Now, we all want one too! We must go right over and ask She Who Must Be Obeyed at Blog d'Elisson's at which Costco she purchased this pretty pretty sofa!

Kit at How to Hold A Cat Without Losing An Eye has a most unusual way of playing with her toy mice. We have been through this sort of situation before with our humans and were rolling around on the floor. We think you should read Toy Mice Are More Fun because we could not tell it any better!

From frivolity to seriousness-- The Crazy Cat Woman gives us an update on the progress of a starving little momma kitty that was dropped off at her place.

There is a very handsome guest kitty named Yoda visiting Granny at Walking Prescott and Max says there's not room enough in a two part house for two kitties!

Mean Kitty tells us through her Typing Slave about two big issues this week: the the heat and the rearranging of all her stuff in the house!

Carry at NWOutdoorGrrrl introduces the cutest bunch of kittens you'd ever want to see! Carry commented, "We foster kittens for a no-kill shelter. This is our most recent batch." That is such a kind thing to do!

What are you looking at, Mimi? Check out the expression in her eyes at The Poor Mouth!

Marilynn of Momma Grace and Company reports that all went well at the visit to the vet except for a bit of orneriness from Audace. One thing we did not know--a three year rabies vaccine has caused cancer in cats? We have to talk to our vet about that!

Jax at Texas Oasis has become a snuggly lap kitty lately. This is great except he is a bit on the hefty side at twenty loving pounds of purriness!

What a difference in Miss Scarlett at Melange! She went from being a rather large kitty to a very sick one, losing about 10 pounds and was so miserable, poor thing! Go and see her beautiful new look after the doctor finally figured out what was wrong! We are so happy she's doing so well after her surgery!

Skittles at The Whole Kitten Kaboodle says "I am running for President, and here is my first official stump!"

Abby of Manx Mnews has the ambition to join a circus but first must answer a more important call!

There are some lovely pictures of Ivy at Strange Ranger as she steals the
sun puddle in which Maddie usually sleeps.

Rahel of Elms in the Yard shares a picture of a neighborhood cat scoping out the dinner choices up a tree.

Want more adorable kittens? Maus at Composite Drawlings gave her babies permission to come out and play. Doesn't she look like a proud Mama?

Aloysius of Catymology shares his special verse celebrating the summer solstice.

At the Mind of Mog none of the kitties get why Mog has to retreat to a room they're not allowed in in order to get any reading done! There is a video about heartworms which is not limited to attacking just dogs! In or out, Ritzy? And today is just a lovely day to go out and play!

There's a new little friend over at iInfidel's!

For fair pay, animal rights and other equalities, we want Cheysuli of Chey's Place on our side! Most recently, she has taken on San Francisco for having goats pull (and eat) weeds at no pay! What happened to the minimum wage? Just because they're "kids" doesn't mean San Franciscans should take advantage of them! Go, Chey!

Bagheera of Stereophile says: "That boy's not right!" And Huckleberry is 'huck'sidedown!

We just love LOLCat language, it's so expressive! Mycah at Tacjammer says "I am in ur box. Now it mine."

Mouse wonders, "what is it you all don't understand about our love for boxes? They're just so cool!"

I r in ur box. Now it mine

Omer of Cats says "Hi, I would like to introduce my blog about cats ant its latest post about ligers." Welcome to the Carnival! The liger is an impressive animal but make sure to check out Forest and Snow, the lovely kitties of Cats.

Parker is ready to scream about a move to O Hi O. Mouse and Amber say, "moving isn't too bad once you get there. There will be lots of nice places in the house to explore! Just don't eat before you get in the car!"

Luna of Cat Synth plays peek-a-boo and shared some pictures about some stray kitties in the neighborhood. Luckily, there was also rummage sale to help Project Purr which helps stray kitties.

Cato of Creatures of the Earth is also running a presidential campaign--a most unusual one involving freeganism and funny slogans!

Stressed out? Overworked? Overdrawn? Need a break? K T Cat of The Scratching Post shows us what to do!

And for still more adorable pictures of kittens, check out the new arrivals at Old Controller's. Pumpkin and Tank are so cute!

Jan of Cascade Exposures says "Spectra find her place in the sun, err... catnip." Boy! And don't her eyes just express the wonderment of it all!

Sasha of "a href="" target="_blank">Music and Cats surveys his domain from the top of his indoor tree!

At the House of Chaos, little David (a.k.a. Hrimnir) takes on Goliath (a.k.a. Bean Sidhe) but not to worry, they are two kittens at play!

Speaking of play, where's a better place to do than than on vacation? At Sisu's, you can just about see the smiles on the faces of Baby and Tiny! Tiny is more interested in her catnip than in the landing of the space shuttle Atlantis. Baby checks out the leftover snake at the poolhouse.

Siofra of Chasing Grace just wants to be a helpful cat and take pictures.

Why don't humans understand when we are trying to help? We try to help our human play computer games and she is always scolding us for it!

Feline Helpers

Now, where is the appreciation?

It's getting warmer and muggier. Tigger and Eli of Val's Bien have found that the best way to deal with the weather is to ... not think about it. Thinking about it uses too much energy!

Last, but certainly not the least, what's the best way to spend a lazy Sunday? Ask the gang at No Deep Thoughts.

Happy Sunday, everyone ... what's left of it, anyway! See you next week at ... at ... whose turn is it anyway?


PJ said...

Wonderful Carnival!

K T Cat said...

What a great multimedia carnival. Thanks for hosting it this week.

Aloysius said...

The Carnival looks fabulous! I love the videos. Thanks for hosting!

KC and the Giggleman Kitties said...

Very nice Carnival. Well done.

Bad Kitty Cats & Megan said...

awesome carnival- (sorry we missed it - trying to move the website - grrrr)

sending many purrs and hugs and love!

katkateers - hehe

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