Sunday, September 23

Carnival of the Cats #183

Hallo from Us, The Gang, the Katketeers, to COTC #183. We sure hope you enjoy this one, we made it espeshully for all of you. The text may be kind of blah becuz we haven't learned everything about that part of movie making yet. But first up, here are some youtube speshul moovies made by other kitties this week.

K T Cat presents A New Day Dawns at the 'Post posted at The Scratching Post.

And here's another kitty video:

John presents Enjoying the rug posted at StrangeRanger.

Mouse sez: "Hey, where's our video?"

Indigo sez, "Yeesh, be patient, willya? We're the hosts, we go last! Folkses, this moooooovie is about 10 minutes but we know yew will lyke it! Just lissen to the myoozic and enjoy the show!"

Sandy Manter presents The Adventures of Vincent and Mike: Coming Home posted at The Adventures of Vincent and Mike.

Rob presents Misia helps with the diet posted at Dusk and Dawn.

Elisson presents I VANT TO BE ALONE. REALLY. posted at Blog d'Elisson.

Also, Elisson presents GOOD MORNING.

Ferdinand T. Cat presents The Camera Climb posted at Conservative Cat.

jams o donnell presents Oh no the human's got his camera out.... posted at The Poor Mouth.

Dragonheart presents Meow Like a Pirate Day posted at Dragonheart's Domain.

I would be very grateful if my post could please be added to this week's upcoming Carnival of the Cats. The permalink URL is:
which can be found at my blog, Siani's Pot-Pourri

Debra presents P-problems posted at MANX MNEWS.

Lisa presents burdeez posted at Chasing Grace.

Parker presents Formerly Feral Friday - My Different Eyes posted at Perfectly Parker.

Here is my submission for this week's Carnival of the Cats (since the form hasn't been working for me recently): Elms in the Yard

dolphin presents Feline Friday posted at Dolphin's Dock.

Aloysius presents Caught in the act posted at Catymology.

Gemini presents Tabby Tuesday posted at Chey's Place.

Omnibus Driver presents Traveling Companions posted at Leslie's Omnibus.

leucanthemum b presents Friday Catblog: Maus says g'nite posted at composite drawlings.

leucanthemum b presents Tuesday Tummy #9 posted at composite drawlings.

Mog presents Just A Cat and Better Late Than Never atThe Mind of Mog; One clean cat posted at iInfidel; and The Lap posted at iMeowza.

Rondi presents Orloff Channels Mussolini posted at Begin Each Day As If It Were on Purpose.

sbpoet presents Virtual Cats, Again posted at Watermark.

Sissy Willis presents "It is satisfying to have a ball of pastry in the refrigerator"; Where's the beef? and Mix 'n' match posted at sisu.

CatSynth (Amar & Luna) presents Weekend Cat Blogging: Beds, Pillows and Rain(?) posted at mp3 kitty cat synthesizer music.

Valerie Biendara presents Eli Doesn't Play With Dogs posted at Val's Bien.

Samantha Black presents ManCat Monday with Tigger and Cat Day Off posted at Life From A Cat's Perspective..

Babeth presents Sui Generis posted at House of Chaos.

Kimberly presents Yo-ho, Yo-ho, a Princess? Life for Me! posted at ‡ ~ Anchored by Grace ~ ‡.

Grey presents New snack posted at Grey's Thoughts.

K T Cat presents I Don't Get It posted at The Scratching Post.

Mog presents Today?s Bad Kittycat posted at Mind of Mog.

Tiffany Holley presents Kitten Rescue posted at Life on the Road: Home Business, Homeschool, and Cats!.

China Cat presents BKC Theme: Pillows or Beds posted at china cat's blog.

willow presents BKC Theme: Pillows or Beds posted at willow's cat blog.

Kashim & Othello presents Bad Kitty Cat Festival Of Chaos No.11 posted at Kashim & Othello.

Last but not least, our gang's antics this week:

Mancat Monday

Cats on Tuesday

Wordless Wednesday

Woman Cat Wednesday 2

Feline Friday

BKCFOC: Beds & Pillows

Kosmo sez: "Whew, now we're all exawsted...and hungwy! I callin out for the meat lovers' pizza!"

We hope we got everyone in and that the links all work!

By the way, didja like the kitty music? If you did and would like more, click here!

Ding dong, pizza's here!


NobunagaOta said...

It looks like you've got a wonderful carnival of wonderful cats going on here, but it seems that, no matter what link I click in the post, I'm sent back to

Samantha & Mom said...

Wonderful Carnival of the Cats!! The movies were great and the links all worked for us. The Carnival of the Cat's Movie was fantastic and we loved the music. What a great concept! Bravo!! Bravo!! Amber, Indigo, Kosmo and Mouse we give it a 4 Paw salute!
Your FL furiends,

K T Cat said...

Terrific Carnival! I loved the Lord of the Pounce video.

Aloysius said...

That was a lot of fun! I love the "Lord of the Pounce" song. I came across it a while ago. Lyrics by Marc Gunn.

From Marc's blog:

Marc Gunn is an Irish and Scottish folk singer with a strange affinity for Celtic ballads, drinking songs and cats. He is the lead singer for the Brobdingnagian Bards, an internet music promoter, podcaster, poet, photographer and publisher of many, many things on and offline.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful Carnival! Thanks for all the work you put into it. I loved the movie. It was a lovely touch!

Victor Tabbycat said...

Nice job you guys! ::spin::
We love that moosic album! ::spin::
Wonnerful carnival ::spin::

Dragonheart, Merlin, Devi, and Chloe said...

Great carnival! :) Thanks for hosting this week!

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