Thursday, January 24

Thursday Thirteen: This Week's Positives

Thirteen Positives This Week

1. Our Little T went back to school

2. TB's epidural procedure went off without a hitch--now hopefully, it will work!
3. I had a good-feeling interview with one of the nearby elementary schools...maybe I can be a preschool adie!
4. It's been cold, but no snow. This is a good thing because I'm done with winter now. ;-)
5. I made this really delicious chicken-broccoli alfredo with whole wheat pasta that made a big hit with everyone!
6. The cats have been really cooperating with the camera this week and I've gotten lots of nice pictures

7. I've been able to blog or comment somewhere on line every day--and considering everything that's going on, that's good!
8. Once again, I realize what terrific friends I have!
9. It's been a lot quieter in the house when we've been here because the new semester has started up again as well
10. I've been sleeping a little better this week
11. I've been driving again!
12. I'm reading an awesome book: What is the What by Dave Eggers.
13. Last but not least, my "baby" is sweet 16 today!

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Joyce said...

I'm on Blog 365, too, and just read your 13. Very Nice. Here's mine:

Joyce said...

P.S. - You can modify inside the Thursday Thirteen button where it says something like . . . Thirteen Things About . . .

I usually write part of the title of my post in there. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen!!! Hope she's having a great day...

Unknown said...

Hope it is a wonderful sweet 16, we hit that with oldest son this summer.
Very nice list of positives, nice to have those in our lives.

Mama Bear of the Cafe

Anonymous said...

Oh, how lovely!You got a girl at sixteen!
Thanks for sharing your self in this TT entry.

Anonymous said...

There are really many blessings.We just have to look around.

Allison said...

Thanks for the visit!

Same with me, I always post so late because I'm running around doing errands (it is after all Thursday, thus the day the money hits the bank account. Nothin' like spending it right away), housework, wrangling the 2 year old, fighting with the 11 year old, and snogging with the hubby. So...I'm always doing this....well, you get the idea :-) I'm always happy for the weeks that I can get the stuff up the night before. Wish Friday's Feast would post the lists the night before, so I can do it before bed Thursday nights :-|

Danica Favorite said...

These are great. Isn't it wonderful when the kiddos go back to school.

Amber Gilchrist said...

What a sweet little boy. I used your link to connect me to the PDD and autism life and joined there. Thanks. Happy birthday to your daughter.

Grace In Small Things

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