Friday, March 28

Finally Feline Friday: Most Popular Spot in the House

That is, amongst the boys. They all want it. Where is it? Right in front of my computer screen! They've all been the "Monitor King" at some point or other and many times have to share.

Kosmo: For the longest time, I reigned supreme as the King of Zen and occupier of the Throne Before The Monitor.

Mouse: Oh, no, no. It was I who owned this spot.
Kosmo: No you didn't, it was me.
Mouse: La la la, I'm ignoring you. It was me.

Kosmo: And then this new guy arrived, demanding my spot.
Sox: I'm the new kid on the block ,it's only fair!

Mouse: I'm not a fool, I'll share the spotlight. But I get the monitor side where it's warmer.

Cubby: And while they were all jibber=jabbering, I pulled off a coup and now I am the new king and occupier of the throne!

Sorry this video is so dark. It's still rare for Cubby to allow us to photograph him although he's becoming friendly and more affectionate each passing day!

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