Friday, March 28

You Know You're From NJ Explanation and Challenge

I was so happy to see the positive response to my post "You Know You're From New Jersey when..." The post was in answer to a meme called Hump Day Humor. Mercedesrules and Mrs. Brownstone @ xboxwife were hoping that I could post an explanation of some of these things.

I thought it would be fun to also make it a challenge. If you want to participate, please leave me a comment. Just google "You Know You're From ...(fill in your state, country etc)" and hopefully you'll find a list similar to mine. Post it and if there are items on the list that would be confusing or totally unknown to someone from elsewhere, just put down a little explanation. We'll all learn something!

For mine, most people wonder about the jug handle. It's the uniquely New Jersey way of making a left turn. In most states, there are left turn only lanes and lights. New Jersey has a few of those but they mostly have jug handles. Think of its shape. The turn starts on the right, loops around a little like a handle would and ends at a light. At the light, you can cross the road and go straight or make a legal huey. Sometimes you have to a little past the street you wanted to make a left onto and it can get very confusing if you've never encountered them before. You can see a picture of two different jug handles on Wikipedia.

The Oranges are 4 municipalities in northern NJ with "Orange" in the name

The Two Guys From Harrison had a store chains, sort of like an upscale Walmart

A Piney technically means a third generation or more person living in the Jersey Pinelands--it can have some real negative connotations though, like Piney = redneck

I don't think anyone in NJ really knows how to properly negotiate a circle. The right of way changes from circle to circle and you just have to know where you are.

We've never pumped our own gas because we're just not allowed to. The law says only the attendants pump gas. You would think we'd pay more for this, but NJ seems to have the cheapest gas in the country. Maybe it's because there are so many oil refineries in northern NJ.

Hope that helps! :D

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Mrs. Brownstone @ XBOX Wife said...

Thanks for posting the explanations!! I visited New Jersey once. I thought it was a beautiful state. I will never forget the landscape of where I was visiting, though I cannot remember the name of the town! I do know that we rode the train from NYC.

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