Friday, December 18

Feline Friday: Christmas Kitty

Mom Bean's been hunting awl ovah for hers saved Christmas pikturs, looking for pix of me'n'da gang wid da twee. Her is so sad becaws she can't find dem! So now she tooked a piktur of me under da twee. Lik it?

Oh, it's a piktur of da orbamint? I goin to nap den.

Aktually, Mom Bean did means ta tak a piktur ob me. I jus usin da orbamint as a 'scuze to close my eyes 'gainst dat dumb flashy!

Mommy keep on lookin for da pikturs!


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Cindy said...

That is a lovely Christmas photo of you under the tree. You're a perfect ornament, or gift.

Gattina said...

A christmas tree as background suits you very well, lol !

Cory Clark said...

Hiya! Mom says you sure look cute under that tree!

We're new to the blogging scene and thought we'd stop by!

Hope to see you around!
Nico, Austin & JayJay :)

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