Monday, December 3

Carnival fthe Cats #193: Better Late Than Never Edition

There was snow, there was sleet, there was driving rain and still the carnival came to town--just a day late!

Ackshully, sez Mouse, the bean parents had to go to sum place cawled Mary Land to help Mom Bean's brudder and mom'n'pop, the seenyur citysen beans. Mom Bean is feeling sumwhut diskombooobulated but wif cawfee in one hand and mouse in the other we r reddy to present all the speshul felines in this week's carnival.

Here they come!

Frum My Cats & Funny Stories
Arthur has come out of hibernation--temporarily--
to show his beans and Rosie that he is actually still in the world with the rest of us!

Frum This Is Cypress Cleo and Sophia are very happy relaxing on a nice comfy bed, waiting for breakfast.

Frum Dusk and Dawn keep an eye on Misia! Sure looks innocent enough but just what is that code?

Frum DeMoines Cats we are introduced to the very adorable and sweet kitten Ming, adopted after beloved Dorothy went to the rainbow bridge. Ming is now baby sisfur to Madison, a dignified 16 years old. We look forward to hearing more about Ming and Madison!

Frum Murmuring Trees we learn how the very handsome and sweet Tonka joined the family!

Amber sez: Reminds me of my story!

Frum The Way of Cats we have quite a bit of information about our favorite felines. There is an article about kitten adolescense and saving money and an advice column too!

Frum Catymology: What a lovely or handsome photo of a contented shop cat!

Frum The Poor Mouth a cute picture of Bebe curled up in the knicker drawer. :D

Frum Elms in the Yard the Lady in Red chases a sunbeam!

Frum Blog d'Elisson we learn that cats understand some basics of geometry and can demonstrate them!

Frum AmbivaBlog, Rain is sleeping off the effects of surgery!

Frum Stillpoint comes a very sad story about money stolen from a very worthy organization raising money to help folks living independently and Sam shows us what he thinks of such evil Grinches!

Frum Texas Oasis Jax shows us he is a leg man and does he know how to use them!

Frum Bad Kitty Cats Journal, everything you always wanted to know about Zed Monster--well seven of them anyway--but were afraid to ask!

Frum Mmanx News Abby sez "the devil made me dood it!"

Frum Perfectly Parker, we saw that woofies and kittycats can be some pretty cuddly companions!

Frum The Scratching Post we have a most pleading look from KT: please don't go!

Frum Lab Kat we get some Friday afternoon attitude from Coby!

Frum Creatures of the Earth
there is a compelling campaign video for Cato. Check it out! It will sway your vote in the upcoming elections!

Frum Sleeping Mommy Mo helps mommy finish up Nablopomo with a zzzzzzzz!

Frum Anniemiz comes a loving and very thoughtful tribute to Slim.

Frum Composite Drawlings, we learn our feline friends are very protective of our beans--especially against feline sibs!

Indigo sez, so far I haf perteckted my bean from everyone. See how I guard her bed!

Frum The Misadventures of Rico Loco RicoLoco and Rhett show some cooperative sharing with one cat bed.

Frum No Deep Thoughts, there's Kate looking all growed up!

Frum Sisu comes some great advice from Tiny and Baby: eat your meal according to the size of your bowl!

Frum The Crazy Cat Woman, a very helpful guideline for cats. The Gang here wants to review that one!

From Momma Grace & Company, is there anything more fun to play with than boxes and paper
? Uh-oh, though, another piece of paper bites the dust!

Frum Mind of Mog, here's the back of Izzy and a very nice pose for Wordless Wednesday.

From Cat Synth, it's Luna's burfday! Happy Burfday, Luna!

Frum Watermark Itsy shows us how to channel Garfield...or is it the Grinch?

From Hot(M)BC Mini, Boni Maroni and Pepi have a conversation about the Chrismoussy cat voices coming from the block boxes Yes, very confabulating and confoozin!

Frum Stranger Ranger comes a battle for the bed between Maddie and Ivy!

Frum House of Chaos, Bean Sidhe and Hrimnir are kitties like Amber and are apozed to grow thicker fur in winter. Amber looks like a walking shag rug in colder tymes with tufties in her ears and between her toesies and we thinks the kitties at House of Chaos will get around to looking the same way. The whole gang wants to know what means pelage?

Amber sez, here I yam in profile. See my mane? See how floofty I yam? I am floofiest in cold munfs!

Frum Life From A Cat's Perspective Samantha and Tigger share 13 cool places to visit! The Gang was most confoozled to hear kitty cats meowing a Chrismouse song at Sam & Tigger's site and wondered if this was what Mini, Boni Maroni & Pepi was talking about!

Frum The Cat Boys' Realm, Kashim & Othello have been thinking up a way to help support Project H.A.M. and have come up with a good idea!

Kosmo sez, That's all, folkses! And now Mouse and I are gonna practiss our geometry! We'll letya know how it turns out!

Meantime, please let us know if we forgot anyone or if there's a broken link. Have a great week!


K T Cat said...

Thanks for hostng the Carnival this week!

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

KC said...
just like tha mail carriers, thru rain or sleet or snow, tha Carnival must go on. an it's a furry good one. i's gonna go post on tha Cat Blogosphere that it is up now.
Purrrs, KC
pee ess: we's down here on tha Tex-cats Gulf Coast, we'd shut down entirely if we's hadded that kind of weather.

PJ said...

THANKS for the Wonderful carnival!

Betty said...

These cats are so pretty.

Marilynn said...

Terrific carnival -- thanks for hosting!!

Purrs from Grace & Company

Babeth said...

Hello furriends !!

Great work wif the Carnival. And "pelage" means... fur, coat, pelt. Our Mistress always luvs to find syn...simom...words that mean the same, and the more difficult the better.

Loup-Garou, Zorro, Bean Sidhe and Hrimnir

Aloysius said...

Hi, thanks for hosting the carnival. I think I did submit my post, but I don't see it. It's at:


Aloysius said...

Oy, veh! I'm going blind. Thanks for including my post. & Purrs!

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