Tuesday, March 25

Cats on Tuesday: Boy Cat Interactions & Tummy Shots

One of my favorite things to do when I'm not on the computer is watch how the cats play and interact with each other. The boys are all basically "mama's boys" and love to come and play with me or get cuddling and other types of TLC. Sometimes I think it all carries over to the way they treat each other...well, sometimes.

This is so tender. I've seen Kosmo washing Mouse before into a state of bliss. Mouse certainly seems to enjoy it too, right?

I put the camera down and was sorry I did. I don't know what caused the problem but suddenly Mouse woke up and turned on Kosmo, wapping him in the face with his paws.

Kosmo says, Hey what'd I do?
Maybe his tongue hit a tender spot? Maybe he was slowing down or speeding up? Who knows?

At any rate, all was forgiven.

Sox and Cubby have a special relationship, raised together from a young age. Here they seem to be sweetly snuggling up together. Look at Cubby's face, though--does he look a bit distressed? When Sox is being affectionate (or when he's annoouncing he's the boss over everybody) he can get quite nippy with his teeth.

Cubby: Ow, ow, ow! Sox, get your canines filed, dude!

Sox: Ooops, sorry, man!

The other day, a commenter noted the wary expression between Kosmo and Cubby. It's true! They were competing over the coveted spot in front of Mommy Bean's computer screen. You'd think with Kosmo's size Cubby would be intimidated but in the last few days, the little guy has been chasing the big guy all around the house. It's so funny to watch! I wish I'd been able to capture it on camera!

I finally got a couple of good tummy shots from various members of the gang!

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Dragonheart & Merlin said...

Terrific photos! :) It's not unusual for a mutual grooming session to develop into some wrestling, or chasing around the house. It's just something we do. :) Sounds like your boys are the same way!

catsynth said...

Some very "sweet" pics of the boys. Sounds like a mix of really tender and affectionate moments, and also the occasional play-fight. But like Dragonheart & Merlin suggest, it's not unusual :).

Salix Tree said...

My two boy-cats do that too.. nice play, and suddenly it's more like a fight, with the younger one always winning. And then they're pals again the next minute.

Criz Lai said...

My kitties does that often too but most of the time they would end up snuggling and wrestling amongst themselves. As Gattina has commented, there's sure endless fun in the J Family :)

Alasandra said...

Hi guys,
Scylla tags Mouse for the middle name Meme.


Gattina said...

It's so cute when they "kiss" each other ! Your pictures are wonderful ! they show so well how they behave together ! Rosie too washes and washes Arthur and then suddenly bites him in an ear or somewhere else ! Watching them playing is more interesting than a TV show, lol !

Jewelgirl said...

Sometimes the cats play rough.
My boy Spooky plays with his
sisters and then he has enough. Then he gets tough and playtime
is over. I LOVE the photo of your
Tortie reminds me so much of my
Shadow who I have on my COT this

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