Friday, March 21

Finally Feline Friday: Opposites

For this edition of Finally Feline Friday, Cubby and Kosmo decided to cooperate for about ten seconds and demonstrate the concept of opposites.

Big and small

Heavy and light

Dark and bright (furs)

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Eric and Flynn said...

Yep they do look like opposites. We look furry similar, but our purrsonalities are diffrunt. I (Flynn) haf to run efurrywhere and can't keep still. Eric ambles along and tomorrow will do furr him.

ML said...

Wow. 10 sekonds of cooperashun. What were you guys finking????
Purrs, KC

Jimmy Joe said...

Hmmm, the expression on your faces looks like it was kind of an uneasy truce, buddies. Good demonstration, though!
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

catsynth said...

Great exercise in contrasts! :)

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