Monday, March 31

Monday Sundries

Give Me Five

Give Me Five future events you are currently looking forward to and/or planning or attending.

1. My 4 year old grandson Little T is going with his class to the aquarium in Camden and I'm planning on going along too. We love aquariums!

2. You wouldn't think someone would look forward to surgery but I am looking forward to getting a lap band this summer and getting help losing this weight. I'm so tired of being in pain and feeling so tired all the time!

3. I'm looking forward to visiting my parents in Maryland to help my mother with her computer

4. I'm looking forward to a weekend away with just my hubby for our anniversary

5. I'm looking forward to going to TN and picking up our grandchildren for a few weeks stay with us!

No puzzle today...I can't get the feature on Facebook to work for me. :(

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