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My Thursday Thirteen #10: Lost's Episode 4.5 "The Constant"

You probably have to be a fan of Lost to enjoy my TT today although there are several literary references. :)

Thirteen Things about "The Constant", Episode 4.5 of Lost

1. It was the unstuck-in-time story of my favorite character, Desmond! I have been infatuated with this guy since the first time I heard him say, "See you in another life, brotha!" Poor Desmond...he sure looks like he's come unstuck, doesn't he?

2. Desmond's character isn't killed off! I was worried that he would be because a major character is supposed to be bumped off by episode 7.

3. Desmond's got to stay around away because he's now become Daniel Farraday's "constant"!

4. Now I believe it's Daniel Dae Kim's character, Jin Kwon, who will be killed off thanks to the curse of the DUI. Like three other former Lost actors, Daniel Dae Kim was arrested for DUI. The previous three were killed off. Dum-dee-dum-dum!

5. This episode was about time travel and I just love books and movies about time travel! Only Desmond's consciousness time travelled, not his body. That saved us the inconvenience of wondering if his clothes would go with him, as did NOT happen in The Time Traveller's Wife!

6. This poignant scene so reminded me of Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, specifically when heroine Claire catches a glimpse of a Scots Highlander looking up at her window. The man disappears like a mist.

7. There was a salute to Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse Five: references to being "unstuck" in time and travelling unexpectedly and without any control over the situation at all!

8. There was also a salute to the move Back to the Future especially when Desmond tells goofy physicist Daniel Farraday the formula he needs to send Eloise the rat into the future. In the movie, Marty McFly clues the Professor in to how to make his what-you-call-it so that the DeLorean could become a time travelling machine.

9. There was mention of the slave ship, Black Rock, that was wrecked on the island years ago...and it's hulk is smack dab in the middle of it! What's it doing there? That hasn't been answered yet but now I know who owns the diary of the captain, or was it the first mate?

10. Maybe now we know what caused the "sickness" among Danielle's crew. Maybe they were all (except Danielle--and maybe because she was pregnant) affected by the same weird electromagnetic stuff that caused two of the freighter people and Desmond to become "unstuck"

11. It took place on Christmas Eve. I just love the Christmas holidays!

12. The more answers we got, the more questions came up:

if Penny's father hates Desmond so, why did he give Des Penny's new address?
Why did Penny's father want The Black Rock diary?
Why does Daniel have trouble with his memory?
Where did that electromagnetic storm thingy surrounding the island come from?

13. More than anything else, this was a moving love story. Desmond and Penny are soul mates. Toward the end, when they finally reached each other by phone, I was nearly bawling like a baby. They were so excited they were talking over each other but they did manage to say "I love you" before the line went dead!

It was so beautiful!

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pussreboots said...

You're right, you probably do. I've never seen an episode. Happy TT.

Chelle Y. said...

I love this character too. I was watching a DVD that was given to me for my birthday, "The Gospel of John." I kept thinking, "That actor who is playing Jesus looks so familiar!" It was not until half way through the movie that I realized it was "Desmond!" :)

Nicholas said...

I've never seen this show. I've probably left it too late to get into it.

storyteller said...

You seem to be a devoted fan. I’ve not watched many episodes of Lost, but I’ve read the Outlander Series and The Time Traveller’s Wife (how could that have been a 1st novel?) and loved them all!
Hugs and blessings,

Anonymous said...

Great list of moments on the show. I do have a theory about the log of the black rock and why Penny's dad wanted it, but it's only conjecture. If you remember, he has been obsessed with finding the island, which is why the arctic station was in operation. I wonder if He may not have been a mojor player in Dharma?

I love this show! Again, thank you!

Greatfullivin said...

Great TT! I love watching this show but must admit I tend to get a little "LOST" myself. I realize now it is not about the survivors being lost but about us who try to follow along.

Melanie said...

I've never gotten into this show, I just don't have time to watch TV with all the blogging I do.

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