Saturday, March 29

Photo Hunt: High

Saturday Photo Hunt

Would you want to be this high up? There's a perch there for you to barely stand on and hang on to the mast if you like. NO? Me neither!

These are two pictures I found taken on our vacation to Mystic Seaport in June 2006. I think we need to go back!

This is one shot taken of the Mystic Whaler, a tall ship that takes parties of folks out onto the Long Island Sound for a lovely sail and lobster dinner. It was almost heaven --not West Virginia--and we almost didn't get to go because of a severe thunderstorm. Can you imagine being up one of those masts during a storm? Yikes!

We went on a second cruise aboard the Argia on a lovely late afternoon and had a marvelous time too!

Another kind of high is when you get an award. This one was awarded to all Thursday 13 participants by Pretty Life Online. Thanks so much for the lovely awards you designed for us!


Criz Lai said...

What a beautiful sail! Now you are making me wanting to watch Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of Caribbean again.. haha :)

Hop in for some fun
and/or have a look sometimes why need things to be HIGH
Have a nice weekend!

Gattina said...

I get already dizzy only by looking at these pictures !!

Daisy said...

I like being up high, but that is too high, even for me!

Hootin' Anni said...

Awesome....truly, TRULY awesome. Love the tall sail ships myself too!!!

Thanks for the visit.

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