Saturday, March 8

Photo Scavenger Hunt 100: Different

There's a couple of differences here. Sox and Cubby are adopted brothers but one is an orange tabby and one is a tuxedo--that's the obvious difference. Also, Cubby (the orange tabby) is blind in one eye. He is shy and retiring; Sox is friendly and outgoing. They're lying on different shades of green, too, did you notice?

Photo Scavenger Hunt


jenny said...

They're really different! Just like siblings usually are. Have a wonderful weekend!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

But they are both gorgeous!!!

Brainball said...

What beautiful kitties you both are! And you look like you're such good friends.

Brainball here -- my shaved spot is still aggravating, but I'm less stressed than I was yesterday. Momma and Daddy use regular human clippers when they need to shave me to get rid of a mat, but the clippers have attachments they can use to avoid shaving straight down to the skin, unless that's what they need to do. They're very gentle with the clippers, and I don't mind being shaved at all. Before now, I haven't minded my occasional bald spots -- it's just that this one is bigger because the mat had gotten bigger than it looked! The only place I get those mats is on my lower back. They are not fun -- not fun at all. I am sending purrs to Amber -- I am sorry she gets mats, too!

Floofy headbonks and rumbly purrs from Brainball!

Teena said...

Very cool! I adopted two foster brothers five years ago ... a tabby and a tuxedo.

I played too :)

blogScope said...

this is a very nice picture, just keep it up and enjoy your weekend!!! check mine also in here PHOTOHUNTER!

Flo said...

They certainly are different for being brothers. But they are both adorable. Mine's up over at:
Flo's Place

Sarge Charlie said...

yep, they are different

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