Monday, March 17

Profiles in Men Cats

I don't have access to all my cat pictures because the computer went kerflooey a few months ago and we're finally in the process of moving to a new hard drive. My pictures are all on an ebook something or other on my husband's computer but we're having some problems getting the new computer to see the others. Anyway meanwhile back at the cat house, I do have a profile of Kosmo and of Cubby.

Cats are just like us, aren't they? Different noses, mouths, and so on...

For some silly reason, I just remembered one scene from Good Fellas where gangsters played by Joe Pesci (Tommy) and Ray Liotta go to visit Tommy's elderly mother after committing a hit. Tommy shows off a favorite portrait of his of two dogs in a boat, each looking in the other direction. Must be the drugs...heh.

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Tybalt said...

Those are some handsome mancat profiles!

Cubby and Kosmo and the rest are invited to party all day at the big shindig at the M-Cats! Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Gattina said...

And they all have a different character ! I see that with my 5 !

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