Wednesday, March 19

Puzzle & Picture

Clue: Bagged Sox

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Lens Day

The word this week is toys. Our Little T loves bubbles and we just got him a bubble gun. It's really an outdoor toy but we couldn't resist giving it to him on a miserable rainy indoor kind of day. He needs to practice, though--he couldn't pull the trigger with one hand and kept turning the gun toward himself so he could push on the trigger with both thumbs. I missed the next shot, which is of T a faceful of bubbles!


The Cat Realm said...

I have a feeling that is one toy we wouldn't like so much - I have a feeling I might not like "bubbles" in my face, hahahahahaha

Jane said...

Hi Cassie! 3:14 on the puzzle today :)

Rhys got two bubble toys for his birthday ~ luckily they're not the gun sort, more of a fan thingy and the other is a blue elephant (weird, and it doesn't work real well either).

They're absolutely fascinated by bubbles, aren't they? ~ Actually, so am I. I don't wanna grow

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