Thursday, March 13

Rough Night aka Reason for the easy puzzle

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This is an adorable little kitten in a black & white photo.

It's been a long day and a rougher evening.

I went with Kristin for her overnight and all-day-long sleep study. As the parent of a teen, I was planning on staying with her in any event. It turns out that a parent of a minor is required to spend the night. That they had to make this a requirement makes me wonder about the common sense of some parents.

Okay, so with that in mind you would think the place would provide a bed for the parent too...right? Or am I naive? We get to the place (which was hard to find in the first place) and we're shown to a nicely furnished but tiny room. There is a queen bed for Kristin...and a chair for me.


"Sorry, that's all the company provides," the tech tells me.

"I have back problems. I can't sleep on that," I tell her.

She says I can bunk with Kristin as long as I stay to my "side" of the bed and don't disturb her or the study...or I can reschedule. I'm going to have TB drive us on a 30 mile trip again this late at night. I decide to sleep in the same bed and "keep to" my "side".

It wasn't terrible but all today I found I had the attention span of a flea. Anytime I tried to do anything I found myself feeling as if I was going to fall asleep. One time when I did sleep, the tech told me I was snoring through my CPAP mask and that the pressure needs to be changed. I missed TB and was either calling, texting or emailing throughout the day. He missed me too.

Kristin did great and was more stoic than I, considering she was all wired up and even more inconvenienced than me. The tech got all the information she was looking for and we were finally on our way home.

My brain still feels like it's flitting here, there and everywhere. Kristin is punchy and has the giggles.

And Jin--from my favorite show Lost--is dead in the future, leaving a grieving widow and newly born child. I may or may not write more about this episode. Right now I am just too affected.

Anyway, that's why today's puzzle is really easy.

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