Thursday, March 27

Thursday Thirteen #13

Thirteen Things I Can Do On Thursday Nights For The Next Five Weeks

Well, my favorite TV show has gone away for 4 weeks because of the strike. New episodes were written after the strike and then had to be filmed. Lost returns to TV the end of April. Meanwhile, what do I do?

1. Play with the cats--always very entertaining
2. Read my book
3. Blog
4. Watch something else on primetime TV (probably not!)
5. Play a game
6. Scan pictures
7. Catch up on email
8. Surf the net
9. Watch the earlier seasons of Lost (high probability)
10. Watch other TV series or movies that I bought but haven't watched yet
11. Figure out who and where I'm going to donate TBR books after I've read them
12. Work on my story
13. Re-organize my stuff

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Anonymous said...

I like your post! I can definitely relate.

Pretty Life Online said...

Happy TT! I have an awards waiting for you in my site, hope you get time to visit!

Daisy said...

I think you should spend all your time playing with the cats. Yep. Every single waking moment!

Gattina said...

I saw once one episode of Lost and found it horrible, so I never watched one again. But all my friends say it's very good ! Play with your cats now, lol !

Anonymous said...

just avoid the reality tv... it's is time wasting... but addicting at the same time. I hate to love it and love to hate it.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I vote for read a book. Always.

As for what to do with them when you're done, have you looked into Internet trading? Mail a book, get a book (by and large). It's great fun and a lot cheaper than buying new all the time!

Parker said...

I like #1 the best! :)

Nicholas said...

I have never seen Lost. But I do miss Ugly Betty and ER

Lori said...

My husband and I are watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel on dvd until something comes back on that is worth watching. Well, actually, Battlestar Galactica begins next week and we'll still continue watching our Buffy and Angel dvds. Playing with the cat can be combined with the dvd watching. ;-)

we haven't watched Lost yet, but we like JJ Abrams so it is on our list of tv to watch on dvd at some point!

Happy TT!

Lara Angelina said...

I don't watch much TV, so the strike hasn't affected me too much. I end up watching reruns all the time anyway!! But at least you are prepared for things to do while you are waiting for your series to return!!
Happy TT!

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