Tuesday, March 18

Tons of Fun Tuesday

Puzzle hint: my little grandson and his sunglasses

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Take 5 Tuesday


1. 1. 5 things your looking forward to.

I'm looking forward to consulting with a bariatric surgeon next week. I've become more interested in the lap band...just tired of the pain and not being able to walk like I used to

Spring break next week--I'd like to go the beach one day

Getting my new computer totally together and running smoothly

Retiring--moving to Delaware or an RV or whatever--just OUT OF NEW JERSEY!

Blogging--I look forward to it every day

2. 2. 5 of your favorite kinds of soup.

Chick-chick-chicarina soup!
Split pea
French onion
Cream of tomato
Beef barley

3. 3. 5 of your blogs, (if you have more than 5.)

What! There are other people with more than one blog! ;)

Okay...main one is this one.

is about my love of reading and what I've read so far

Mrs. Spratt
is about my weight loss and health. Gosh, need to update it!

I also need to update the last two, I'm A Coda, which I haven't even started, and Snapshot Memories.

4. 4. 5 jobs you’ve had, or would like to have.

I've been a sign language interpreter for the Deaf
a secretary/interpreter
a file clerk
a market research interviewer
a mall research interviewer

5. 5. 5 of your favorite breakfast foods.

Well, this would be a whole meal: eggs over easy, hash, fried potatoes, fruit cup, and coffee with cream

Ten on Tuesday:Ten on Tuesday

10 Places You’d Take a Tourist to See in Your Hometown

I'd like to skip where I live now (mainly because I'm wondering where they heck we could go around here) and go back to the home town where I was born, Bay Shore NY. The best time for my tourist friends to come would be in milder weather, like spring, summer or early fall.

1. Bay Shore Marina: it's got a bay beach as well as a large marina. There's concerts in the evenings and sometimes fireworks

2. From the Marina, it's not very far to Sagtikos Parkway, which takes you over the Robert Moses Bridges to Captree and Fire Island. There's beaches and restaurants there.

3. For a good time, we can leave from Robert Moses State Park and go west on Ocean Park Way to the Oak Beach Inn for fine dining and dancing.

4. Go further west on the parkway and you eventually get to Jones Beach and its famoous boardwalk. There's an outdoor concert hall there too!

5. For a different experience, going north, the Sagtikos becomes Sunken Meadow Parkway and we get to the state park which faces the Long Island Sound.

Not into beach stuff?

6. The Gibson-Mack-Holt house in Bay Shore gives you an idea of what life was like in the 1820s

7. The Lauder Museum focuses on life in the 1880s

8. Sagtikos Manor was built in 1697 and for a while during the Revolution, served as British headquaarters for the troops

9. Not into history and culture? How about shopping and small towns? Not far away is Port Jefferson, a quaint town with a ferry that crosses the LI Sound to Connecticut. You could spend a whole day shopping!

10. And for movie fans and the especially daring, there's the Amityville Horror house. Yes, it's real. If there's people in it, though, they probably won't appreciate it if we go by gawking at the house. So it would be the last place on the list to visit!

Topical Tuesday

Topic :: Birthday Memories

I don’t know about you, but for me, March is the month for birthdays. I’ve got way too many friends that have been born in March. But I know that everyone has a great (or bad!) birthday memory they would love to share. Post about your favourite birthday memory, or if you wish the birthday you’d love to have! Remember to leave a comment or a trackback to let you know you’ve posted something! Have a great Tuesday!

I love celebrating birthdays, not necessarily mine :) I threw two surprise parties for my late first husband and one (not so surprise) party for my DH when he turned 50. I had a lot of fun planning the parties, inviting the guests, decorating and then keeping everything a secret. I think the best surprise I ever pulled was at Rich (first hubby)'s 25th birthday. A friend of mine dressed up like a gorilla in a formal suit and came and sang a parody song to Rich. He sort of expected the party but definitely not the gorilla. It was so cool to see the expression on his face!

I have always wanted such a party and had one at age 10 but that was it. I hoped for one when I turned 40 (nope) and then again at 50 (boo hoo) but no such luck. Maybe when I'm 60 or 65?

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Yoshi said...

I'm totally not a fan of surprise birthday parties for myself, but i really do love to help organize them! it's so much fun! I love it.

I just love the looks on peoples face and the amount of fun and joy that come from it. Definitely cool.

Thank for playing! :D

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