Sunday, March 9

Why For Mr. Linky?

I was just reading an entry at a blog I enjoy visiting, The Gratitude Journal.

Now I'm wondering something. If you make a meme and you create a Mr. Linky for it, do you get annoyed if other people also use that code on their blog entries? I mean, do they all eventually link back together to your meme or is it like someone's nicking it from you?

Curious minds want to know. I like the look of Mr. Linky and have seen other people use it for their blogs. It sure makes commenting easier...I've just been too lazy to get the code. And now I wonder if I should? I don't want a Meme Nazi saying "no meme for you!" HEH.

What do you think?


Greatfullivin said...

Hi...Thanks for the link back. Since you read my post you know what happened. I can tell you that all the BIG memes Thursday Thirteen, Wordless Wednesday, Fridays Feast etc, etc, all encourage the use of Mr. Linky. Everyone who participates gets the link to the host site plus a link on the site of everyone they visit.So...when you play along you not only get to meet a lot of great people but you get lots of technorati links. Good luck figuring this out! BTW, Thanks for the visit, I enjoyed your comment!

Criz Lai said...

I sure love Mr. Linky especially when I'm in blogspot. At least I know who the commenter is and I can easily click direct to the site. Replying Blogger's comment is a headache. Sometimes, I do not even know which blog the person would like me to comment in if they have multiple blogs. You should get the code. It's real easy.

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