Tuesday, April 29

Cats on Tuxie Tuesday: Bean Love and Sox in Sock

Cats on Tuesday

The young adult beans in the house are also cat lovers. Sox loves Kosmo's sock-bed and he loves to have Bill Bean pick him up on it. There is an even more adorable picture of the two of them together that will end up on Wordless Wednesday.

Heidi Bean also loves to cuddle with Sox, a very snuggly cat. He is the snuggliest of all our feline friends.

Mouse doesn't like to be held although he does enjoy lots of TLC. It has to be on his own terms.

One thing Sox loves to do is get under the covers. I've never seen a cat enjoy being covered up so much. He also likes to dive down to the bottom of his sock!

This also qualifies as a Tuxie Tuesday entry!

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Deana said...

The young adults in your house look and sound like great people! Loving a cat is a great thing...Mouse always tickles me with his expressions. He reminds me so much of Darius.

CRIZ LAI said...

The only place that all the J Family members would like to be is on my lap. I used to be able to fill up two but I guessed all have grown up a bit too fast. The heaviest of the kitties being Jeremy. You can feel all his muscles and a bulging tummy. He eats too much.. haha.


Gattina said...

Is that video cuuuute !!! and the pictures too, lol !! Arthur doesn't like to be carried either he then gets angry.
It's a long time I turned this word verification off, it doesn't help anyway because if I want to write a spam I can do it with a verification too. Most of these "spammers" have also a blog. I just delete the stupid stuff and that's it. This new word verification was so difficult that I had to click several times to get my comment published and I thought it was only me, but now I have read on several blogs that others have the same difficulties.


Sox looks like a real love bug.
I love it when cats come to you,
instead of you going to them.
But my Daisy (the calico) is sometimes all over me, I am her
cat Mom that's for sure! Have
a great day.
The word verification has been
a pain. I had a (fake) trojan
come in and my virus software caught it. I reported it to blogger. Definitely a spammer.
This may be the reason
the words were harder to read!?

Dragonheart, Merlin, Devi, and Chloe said...

Those are very sweet photos!

Sox, we like to burrow under the covers too! :)

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I'd like to be a cat to stay hours under the covers like your kitty!!!Tomorrow it is the first may and I don't work, it is the fest of the work. Then I will try to stay under the covers if nobody calls me!

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