Sunday, April 20

Easy Like Sunday Morning: Sunshine

Amber says the sun is out this weekend! It's going to be warm and sunny and just perfect for lazing about all day!

Cubby says I've got an early start in this nice sunny morning spot!

The only thing a cat might need now is a cup of nipmint tea and a paper

Mouse says I need to soak up all sun-energy I can get this morning for getting into mischief later!

No, wait, Ma, I did not say mischief! I said responsible cat behavior. You just didn't hear me right!

Sox says, I'm just going to nap in Buddy's sunny bed until he gets back in from whatever he's doing outdoors!

Mouse says, We like to follow the sun. Now it's in the window and here I am working hard watching the birds.

No, you did not catch me napping! I am so watching these birds!

Now it's all overcast but the gang enjoyed the sun while it lasted!

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meemsnyc said...

Soaking up the sun is the best!

Jewelgirl said...

My cats just love it when the
birds are outside the window
and it is sunny outside. The
kitties all seem to have a
smile on their faces. Amber
has really long fur, is she
hard to comb in Spring? My
Shadow seems to have a lot more
knots in Spring because of the
winter undercoat. Have a great

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