Sunday, April 27

Easy Like Sunday Morning: Who Are You?

Ah, what better way to begin a Sunday than with a cup of coffee and a camera to watch the cats at play?

Of course, it's nicer to sleep in, which is why one must never try to capture a cat in the shadows of night--even if he or she is walking on mommy--and try to cast him or her from the room. Said cat becomes the Tasmanian devil with the expected results.

All in innocence now, Sox and Cubby are ready for a playful Sunday morning.

Cubby gets a kick out of being on the upper level of the tent. There are two small "rooms" on top and he likes to go back and forth between them...

while Sox enjoys lounging on the lower level. Wait a minute, though! Is that really Sox?

Cubby says: I have a sure fire way of finding out!

Mom says: Ewwww, no thank you, I have another way. See that collar? It's black. Mouse wears a black collar and Sox a light blue one. Ta-da, it's Mouse!

Happy Sunday to all!

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Anonymous said...

The Tazmanian Devil? hahahaha! Whichsweet kitty are you calling the Tasmanian Devil! In our house, that would be Gandalf, always trying to get Mom up just a little bit earlier.

Gattina said...

They will overwork themselves by moving around that much on a sunday morning, lol ! Arthur was running behind his tail in the sunshine, he really looked funny ! Then he was angry because he couldn't get the thing, lol !

HotMBC said...

Beans get Mini and Boni a'fused alla the time. Beans aren't too brite sumtimes.

meemsnyc said...

What a lovely tent. How lucky you kittys are for having such a fun thing to play with.

catsynth said...

We agree, nothing better in the morning than a cup of coffee and a playful affectionate kitty :)

Kimo & Sabi said...

WOWY - a 2-story tent! That's cool!

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