Monday, April 28

Man Cat Monday: Hey, Smiley!

Here's another photo in which Cubby is smiling. He's a real mama's boy, my little shadow, and I have just given him some treats. I am very curious to know about his left eye. He is wholly or partially blind in that eye but sometimes it seems like the cloudiness lifts or that a spot which covers the eye moves. Cubby already had the condition when Allison got him and so the medical notes say very little about it. When I take him to our vet, I'm going to ask some questions about it. He'd just been to the vet when we got the little boys and I will take them in a few months. They're happy, healthy little guys!

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Anonymous said...

Cubby is very cute! Mom used to have dogs with eye problems. She was happy if their eyes were comfortable and pain free.

Tybalt said...

Cubby has a handsome smile!

Daisy said...

I like Cubby's cute little smile! I know what you mean about the word verification thing. For the past few days it has been very wacky and hard to read.

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