Monday, April 14

Man Cat Monday Play

Men cat sometimes need a mom to help hone their hunting (stalking, pouncing, attacking with teeth and claws) skills by shaking the feather teaser while the men hide themselves in the condo.

Sometimes one of the men cat will act as a spotter. Get ready, Soxsie, here it comes again!

Attack! Grab with teeth and claws! Victory is ours!

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DEBRA said...

Go Sox go!


Jewelgirl said...

My kitties luv those feather toys!
We have to hide it in a cupboard,
or Aniwa will find it and drag it around the house. It is so funny seeing this petite girl dragging
the stick with feathers!

Dragonheart & Merlin said...

Terrific photos! That's a fabulous condo you have!

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