Monday, April 7

Monday Sundries: This is me in 20 years...

I totally love this!

Create your own puzzles at!

Give Me Five
Give Me Five favorite candies, of all time or currently.

1. My definite all time favorite since I was a kid, M&Ms. At first I favored plain, now it's got to be peanut!

2. In second place, Snickers

3. In third, Butterfinger

4. After that, I really really like Hershey's cookies and cream chocolate bar

5. My old time favorite and now in fifth place, Chunky

Manic Monday

Is there any question you can't look up the answer to on the internet? I don't know...I haven't found one yet

Invent a new word that you feel would improve the language and define it.
Mindfreeze: what I have now, being asked a question on the spot and then having to come up with an answer. I'm not even sure that's an original word.

What is your favorite texture? Soft and plushy--stuffed animals are my favorite texture!


BeccaGirl said...

Chuncky, I didn't have many of those, but I liked them when I did! Snickers are great too, especially those frozen ice cream snicker bars...YUM!

Misty Dawn said...

I love M&Ms. BUT, I've never had a Hersheys Cookies and Creme bar... but that certainly sounds REALLY good... I'm gonna have to try one of those for sure!

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

They are all good, but off your list Butterfinger is my favorite. What a fun question for this week. Have a great GM5. :)

Joyce said...

Hello, I'm here to visit from the Give Me Five meme . . . just want to say I LOVE your header with all the kitties. My girls and I are cat crazy. :)

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