Thursday, April 24

Thursday Thirteen #17

Thirteen Ways To Save Money At The Grocery Store If You Have Diabetes

Some things on the list apply specifically to those of us with diabetes but some apply to all of us!

1. Products marked for dieters or diabetics cost too much and are not necessary--we don't need them!

2. Buy boneless cuts of meat, more for the money. Why pay that price for a bone?

3. White eggs and brown eggs have the same nutritional value. They look the same when you crack them open. Brown eggs are cheaper--buy them.

4. Fancy frozen vegetables--like those made in high calorie sauces--cost a whole lot more than plain frozen. Buy the plain frozen and make your own sauce if you want.

5. Buy quarts of yogurt instead of the smaller cup sizes. You can add your own fresh fruit

6. Individually wrapped snacks cost more because of the packaging. You can get the snacks in bulk and then divide them down and package them yourself for portion control

7. Sometimes it's better to get fresh fruit (like cantaloupe) that's had the seeds scooped out. When you pay by the pound seeds can be expensive

8. If fresh fruit's not on sale this week, try to get canned fruit on sale, packed in water. If it's packed in syrup, rinse it before you eat it

9. Use nonfat dry milk for baking and cooking. It has a longer shelf life and you probably won't taste the difference once it's cooked

10. Put olive oil in a spray bottle and voila! you made your own cooking spray--like Pam

11. Instant oats are more expensive than regular cooked oats and you don't save all that much time

12. You can buy bags of dried beans, cook them and soak them and they[ll triple in volume. They make a lot more than the canned bans do!

13. When you buy fresh vegetables, you can pull off the excess you're not going to use and also shake the water off. Spraying vegetables with water is nice but it does make them heavier.

14. Bonus: This is theme week at TT but I couldn't think of 13 great vacation places. Here are my favorites:

*Cape May, New Jersey
*Mystic Seaport, Connecticut
*Ocean City, Maryland
*Orlando, Florida
*Hunter Mountain, Catskills, New York

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Hootin' Anni said...

I so agree with you on the buying meats with the bone taken out. It may look more expensive, but're not buying any extra weighty unusable bone!!! Yay....finally, I found someone that agrees with me.

Have a terrific t-13 is posted too, it'll take a bit of doing to comprehend it all, but it's worth a shot. Come see if you can decipher it.

Gattina said...

I do almost all you listed since a long time and it works very well ! Very good advices !!

Julia said...

Oh this be a useful lists to keep for my parents because they are diabetes too. We been trying to be careful of stuff we buy to eat because of this. Thanks for the list

And thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope you stop by again :)

TLC said...

those are some good ideas, except I cannot stand powdered milk. The other ideas are great.

Thanks for visiting my TT!

Denise Patrick said...

Great ideas. In today's world, we need all the suggestions we can get.

Happy TT!

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