Tuesday, April 22

Tuesday Sundries

One time I visited another cat blogger who happened to have a very serious post on that day and I was moved by it so I commented. And she thanked me for the comment and noted that if she writes a serious post no one comments. She gets lots of comments for the kitty posts. I noticed the same thing. I don't think it's that people are shallow (or I hope not). I sort of think it's like when times were hard in the 1930s and people went to the movies to be entertained. People don't want to hear about problems especially when they have enough of their own.

Still, sometimes, you can't avoid reality. Maybe I'll make yet another blog and give it a name like My Real Life and that'll be the one that no one reads because it's too depressing. But I'll feel like I'm able to get stuff off my chest. I'd started another blog once to whine and kvetch about a certain family member in our lives but that sort of died. Maybe I can restart that one with this in mind.

So now on to more light hearted stuff.

Thanks to everyone who voted for me in Karen's photo contest! I didn't win but then I didn't have the best photo entered. There were a couple that I thought were very worthy. Check out the winner here.

Here is one who needs us to be kind to our Mother Earth--and today is Earth Day!

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Do you remember the first Earth Day? I do. I was in high school and it seemed a noble thing to do, honor the Earth and focus on how to take care of it. Even then, though, I felt somewhat cynical about the whole thing. Would companies really give up their profits to clean everything up? I think not. I didn't think so then either.

Ten on Tuesday:

10 Things You Love About Your Life

1. Never a dull moment. I guess if I had too much peace and tranquility, I'd get bored. :P Maybe.
2. My husband and best friend is always by my side and very supportive
3. My wonderful kids, all of whom I am so proud of and love with every ounce of my being
4. My Little T who is a constant source of joy
5. My cats, every one of them an individual, so loveable and loving
6. My ability to write--it's a lot of fun putting stories together!
7. My totally awesome friends who stand by me in times of need and times of joy and fun
8. My faith in God and my salvation through Jesus Christ, ever my support in good times and bad
9. The rest of my family
10. The world around me--it's good to be alive


diana said...

yep, a great theme. and i love your list. it is good to be alive.

Nancy in PA said...

Ok, so I went and got a Google Blogger account because I haven't been able to leave comments since the anonymous option went away, and I've felt really bad about that but just never took the 2 minutes to go do it. (BAD Nancy!) (smacks self on fingers) So thank you for the motivation :-)

I will always read what you write, no matter how sad or depressing or frustrating the stuff that you need to vent. That's (at least part of) what I'm here for :-) I'll call you tomorrow...

TB said...

You have been a true friend to my sweetie and now to both of us.
Cod bless you.
Cassie, you are the greatest gift God has ever blessed me with. Ever!

Astrid, Kashim & Othello said...


I really love t red your blog wether you write about the kittie or yourself or your family!
One can't always e sunny and happy. I love that you write about things that happen to you and that you feel you have to talk about.

even if I don'T comment very often. most of the time it is a lack of time - I don't like it (the lack of time) but well...
sometimes I am touched by what you are saying but simply lack the words to reply... :(

we love you and the kitties
Kashim & Othello

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