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Cat bloggers of the world, unite again! Check out this site, My Pet and I, and tell 'em I sent you! This website is good too if you have woofies and bunnies and any pet! :D

My favorite show is filmed somewhere on one of these islands:

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So who saw that coming? Who else was totally depressed when Alex was shot executiion style? This doesn't bode well for Danielle, does it? So many of us thought that somehow Danielle was only shot but, really, what purpose would she serve to the story now that Alex is gone thanks to the "rules" of the "game" being changed.

So is this what Lost is really about? It's not about the Losties and them finding themselves and getting themselves home. It's a great big game of Risk between rich people fighting over the fountain of youth. I'm thinking "The Economist" is actually Mr. Paik, Sun's father. What do you all think?

This was a great episode for Ben, wasn't it? I have a real love-hate feeling toward this character. Just when I've decided he is thoroughly despicable and revolting, he does some mind blowing cool stuff and I have to wonder if he isn't a "good guy" after all. More and more, I'm like him a whole lot better than Jack!

At first I thought it was really stupid that Sawyer could dodge all those bullets when three people were shot down so accurately. Now, though, I'm thinking that Sawyer is one of those people who can't be killed...like Michael. The island doesn't want him to die! As for Claire, I got the chills when she said, "I'm not dead" and Miles quipped, not yet you're not or something like that.

So...if this is just one big chess game and everyone is just a bunch of pawns, does that make me enjoy the show any less? No way!

Don't know, don't care about Lost? That's okay...and now for something completely different:

Autism Awareness:

“New York police come into contact with someone on the spectrum at least once every day and have no idea about it. ..."

I had no idea! The really nice thing is that the NYPD got some training in how to respond to people with autism via a videotape created by the Autism Society of America. Read the whole article here.

Some more reality bytes:

TB has an infection in both legs and is now on an antibiotic. As for the why of it, he is retaining fluid and his diabetes can cause complications like that. Great. He'd been feeling pretty miserable lately and then his legs turned red and felt hot. I'm glad he was willing to go to the doctor this time!

As for me, the doctor says there is a little swelling in my legs but not enough for him to be very worried. He did an EKG which he said looked "fine" but said it wouldn't hurt to go and have the echo done on my heart. Well, I don't want an echo. I'm afraid of what it will show. But I am going to go get one anyway.

Don't get fat. It is NOT worth it. If you are young and fat, try to get the weight off now before your metabolism changes and it becomes too difficult. I wish I'd listened to my midwife when I was in my 30s. :P

Ten On Tuesday
10 Superstitions, Traditions, and/or Personality Quirks

1. I am a hypochondriac. I do have things that are wrong with me but take this echo I'm supposed to have. I'm already imagining a thousand things that are wrong with my heart.

2. I'm a pack rat. It's hard for me to throw stuff out "in case" I might need it some time. I'm really sure I'll need all those scraps of paper and magazines and what have you from years ago. :P

3. Don't celebrate a birthday before the actual day of! It's bad luck! Celebrate with a party after if you can't on the actual day but never before

4. I have always been a cat person and have had at least one cat since I was a baby. Now I have six. I think I will eventually be one of those crazy cat ladies you read about in the paper.

5. I'm a real stickler about what we have to eat on certain holidays. There is no way I'd eat anything but turkey on Thanksgiving (don't even think about fish) orcorned beef and cabbage on St. Patrick's Day.

6. I used to cut my cucumbers in half and rub them vigorously to get rid of gas. My first husband thought it was hilarious and explained it was an old wives' tale I got from my mom and probably from my grandma. You have to remove the seeds to get rid of gas from a cucumber!

7. I can't drive over a bridge

8. When I used to eat M&Ms, I'd organize them by color. I would eat the brown ones first, then orange, then green and save the reds for last.

9. It's weird that for someone so disogranized, I am obsessive about certain things. For instance, I feel like I must have at least one post on my blog a day, sometimes more and no more than 3. I have to have a post on one of my other blogs too or I feel antsy. When I read books, I get antsy if I'm not reading a classic or non-fiction every third or fourth book. What's up with that anyway?

10. I don't like talking on the phone and I will ignore it if it's ringing, even if I have it right by my side. Sometimes when the phone rings, I just call out "NO!" and that means I don't want to talk to anyone, period. I don't know why I don't like talking on the phone. I didn't use to be this way.

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Marianne said...

I don't like driving over big bridges either. I also freak out about going through the car wash.

Nice list.

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